Saturday, October 17, 2009

The End - Hot Records Cassette

Bazzil from the most wonderful Prehistoric Sounds website
and Blog has digitalized his rare copy of the ends hot
records cassette release. Combining both studio and live
tracks it is a real treat.
Thanks Bazzil for digging out and bringing this into the
digital age.
The liner notes below are brilliant, more information than
I've been find anywhere on the web.

Download Here

Click to enlarge


radioshirley said...

Thanks bob for posting & bazzil for the digitising.

Great to finally hear this!


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its great indeed Mr K,
isnt this what the internet was made for,
well this kind of thing and a few others

chuck said...

been listening to this alot lately . thanks for helping out with the transfer bazzil.. ive been a long time (early) died pretty fan since i saw em at east leagues club when the mirror blues single came out..(ups n downs supported i believe) . i could never get the link to the sounds b4 from the " my confession" single from the End, when everybody was telling me about the vu sound Myers was fond of... this cassette helps showcase the band as it was so much more than the 7inch... the early live stuff from duckdog2 makes these 2 bands much more complete for me.

a big cheers to both posts from a happy chuck ;)


GAM said...

Download link seems now broken for me Bob :(

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hey Glen, hows things are you back in Brissy or still in London.
I shall reup this fine cassette it was barrys upload which has expired for some reason but I shall put it back soon

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

back up glen

GAM said...

Thanks Bob - In Brisbane now & languishing in this heat. Thanks for that. Got it now & will check it out.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Its hot all right glen, good to hear from you