Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Johnnys - Injun Joe/Cannonball

Another top single from the boys coming to us from
Chucks enormous music vault,
Thanks Chuck.
Now a bit about Spencer.

From the font of all knowledge wikipedia

Spencer P. Jones is a Melbourne based guitar player from
Te Awamutu, New Zealand.
He has been a member of The Emotional Retreads,
Country Killed the Cow Penalty, Escape Committee,
Cuban Heels, Beats Working, North 2 Alaskans, The Johnnys,
The Beasts of Bourbon, Olympic Sideburns,
Paul Kelly and The Coloured Girls, Legendary Stardust Cowboys,
The Rock Party, The Bother Shop, Mince Meat,
Hell To Pay, Chris Bailey and The General Dog, Maurice Frawley
and The Working Class Ringos, Sacred Cowboys,
Paul Kelly Band and Singers For The Red Black and Gold.

Download Here