Saturday, October 10, 2009

Max Q singles

Max Q consisted of Hutchence (vocals) and Ollie Olsen
(songwriting and production) who were accompanied by key
members of the Melbourne post-punk scene, most of whom had
previously collaborated with Olsen.
The project followed on from Hutchence and Olsen's work on
the film Dogs In Space, where they met.

Max Q released their sole self-titled album in 1989 and had
minor hits with the songs "Sometimes" (originally recorded by
Olsen with Orchestra Of Skin And Bone) and "Way of the World".
The album was more critically-acclaimed than commercially
successful, and ever since it went out of print,
it has yet to be re-issued.
Also, the band had never performed any live shows.

The brilliant Australian movie "Dogs in space"
who's soundtrack I posted last year has made
it to DVD and a complete soundtrack, with missing
unreleased tracks added has been recently
posted on the Psychotic Leisure music blog here.
Read this excellent review of the movie here,
Thanks to Mona for the heads up on these happenings
and many thanks to Chuck for delving into his
very big music Libary to pull out these Max Q singles.
Now has anyone the album?

Download the singles here


Mona said...

I have the album, you will get it in a couple of mins.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Your the man, um I mean girl mona.
fantastic work

Mona said...

Here it is. Album at VBR, additional singles @ 128, most of which you have posted above.
You is right "I is the gurl!"

Mona said...

PS: That review is not by Ollie olsen it's by a FB friend of mine Kami from Adelaide!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Mona, Im downloading now,
I shall correct the review reference too

Anonymous said...


Richard Grant said...

I heard a rumour that this album was suppressed by the record company when it came out because they didn't want MH to leave the band as he was keen to do so at the time... It's a pity because to me it was the most musically interesting thing he did post 'swing'. Also interesting to note that it has never been re-issued...

Conner said...

Re-Upload please!

Conner said...

Re-Upload please

Bob Nebe said...

Cant find these files but ive reuped the max q album