Sunday, October 11, 2009

North 2 Alaskans - Gonks Go Beat/ Freaky Gonk Thang

From Cow punk to Hippy Punk, I think.
Found in the dark recesses of Chucks
underground record bunker.
This North 2 Alaskans single is described
as below on the Red Eye Records site.

1982 by defunct outfit led by Spencer P. Jones
of the Johnnies/Beasts of Bourbon (Tex Perkins).
Issued by Green in picture sleeve. Beautiful condition.

Its a great record and is leading me now by a small
degree of separation to a man I'm off to see on
Friday Night the one and only Tex Perkins.
Thanks Chuck for this "ultra rare" beauty

Download Here


barkingdog said...

Many thanks for this one, looking forward to listening to it.

Cheers...the dog

John said...

I too am seeing Tex doing his Cash thingy at the end of the month. Should be good.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I'll be there on fri night,its gonna be fantastic.
I shall post about it, maybe can send me a review too

John said...

I will give it my best shot Bob. We are going on a Saturday night and have front row tix.

Anonymous said...

frank s from the n2a says avideo clip exists for this shown on lee simons night moves someone find it for cabarets sake