Thursday, October 15, 2009

The End - Brisbane Hotel, 1979

Steve aka duckdogtwo a frequent contributor here has
added to the end post with this fantastic live recording
of the end back sometime in 1979.
Heck that was when I was in grade 10 or something.
I remember trying real hard to see the Boomtown rats
then, but I digress. It would be a couple of years before
I started hitting venues like the Brisbane Hotel, where
the Saints ( with ed on bass) would deafen me.
This is a great recording, I'm thinking soundboard,
great vocals high in the mix, all instruments clear
and it starts with the classic John Cale song This heart
of mine. Fantastic with a great version of Just Skin
and my confession is supurb.
Thanks Steve.

Now does anyone have the Hot records cassette release.

Track List
01. This Heart Of Mine
02. Real Good Time Together
03. Stand On My Head
04. Lost
05. There She Goes Again
06. Chelsea Girl
07. Not The Day
08. Trees
09. Just Skin
10. Sunday Morning
11. My Confession
12. Mannequin
13. Something's Wrong
14. I Said Oh
15. Waste My Time
16. When You Said
17. Saw You
18. Stay Away

Download Here


Mona said...

A friend of mine I met in Amsterdam way back said that he played with this crew...does the name Andrew Massey ring any bells with any of you guys?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Mona
He is listed here on Barrys excellent
prehistoric sounds as a bass player.

evgeni said...

i loved the End - they were such a great band - i'm sure i saw their last show before they left for sydney and transformed into died pretty - wasn't it at the brisbane hotel too?? its hard to recall because my memory is so hazy ...

you know that colin the drummer is playing these days in the Ripz - which have got to be the number 1 party band in brisburg!!! fuck yeah

evgeni said...

oh yeah i don't remember Andrew Massey playing the bass but i do remember Jonathon (forgot his last name after all these years but post died pretty transformation he started up a jazz band called Ruby My Dear - after the Thelonius Monk tune, natch!)

Mona said...

Andrew after us meeting when we were in Amsterdam, then went to live in NY and is now back in Oz in Sydney, check my FB list (he has his wife's name in the title too!)