Thursday, December 3, 2009

Models - The Pleasure of Your Company

A request from Col leads me to post the Models 3rd album.
Released in 1983 with was the first chart success for the band.
There had been big changes to the band line up and James
Freud had just joined, bringing James and Sean back together
the first time since they played together in the Teenage Radio
Stars. The Models had become an all together different band.

Track List
01. I Hear Motion
02. Facing the North Pole in August
03. God Bless America
04. Watch Your Mouth
05. No Shoulders, No Head
06. Holy Creation
07. 79 A.D.
08. Sang the Butcher
09. Our Atmosphere
10. A Rainy Day

Download Here


chuck said...

i saw these guys live about this time supporting bowie at lang park for the serious moonlight tour.. a great day of great music..for some reason i got this one on tape and have nearly worn the oxide clean off from playing it.. thanks for the rip :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I was there too chuck, great concert.
I think that was before James joined, I saw them another time after.
I was too young to see Mr Bowie the 1st time he toured in 78 I think, but haven't missed one since

bazzil said...

Hey! I was there too, well what do you know?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Naturally, All the cool people in Brisbane were!!

Anonymous said...

thank you