Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Models - Local And Or General - UK Version

The Uk Version of my Favorite Models album is a joy to listen
to, I'm sure there's been a bit off remastering and the
inclusion of the re-recorded Cut Lunch tracks fits perfectly.
This rare collectible was sent to me by Mark Ferrie himself,
Mare off course was the bass player, sometime vocalist and
songwriter during this most brilliant period of the Models.
Thanks Mark and over to you.

I'd never owned a copy of this and I can't actually
listening to more than the few tracks.
This is the English
record company's version of the
album we gave them
(ie the Australian version of
"Local..") which they put
together after we'd left
England and re-recorded a couple of
tracks off the
"cut Lunch" EP at their request.

The music on this CD has been taken off a UK
cassette version
of the album that a mate of mine
came across a few years ago.

Mark Ferrie

01 Man O' Action
02 Tearing Hair Out
03 Atlantic Romantic
04 Bantam Had
05 Unhappy
06 Rate Of Change
07 Local & Or General
08 Truth About Truth About Scientists
09 Two Cabs To The Toucan
10 Drunk in the House
11 Dying For My Country At The War
12 Drive And Reflex

Download Here


Dead EyesOpened said...

A wonderful Models rarity and a damn fine collection to boot, Thanks Bob, and especially thanks Mark, I can't imagine any fan being "Unhappy" with this one.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

got a couple more little rippers from mark yet!!

Yon Yonson said...

My favourite Models album and one that still gives my speakers a good regular workout. Gave this a whirl today and it makes an interesting listen, especially ‘Truth About’ and ‘Tearing Hair’, my favourite cuts from the original.

I remember when I was a teenager in the 80’s, Models records were really hard to come by here in the UK. I spent so much time trawling second-hand shops for those Kelly growls, funky rhythms and fantastic synths until one day I found a dealer in north London with an endless supply of Models vinyl treats. I’d save up enough money from my Saturday job, see what this guy had available and buy a couple of singles at a time. I recently dug it all out and had some ripped to CD for prosperity. Been revisiting the catalogue, some great stuff I’d collected including the Duffield solo album and other bits and pieces. I can’t even remember how I got into them but they’ve been a constant pleasure since. My mates never ‘got’ it, but it was their loss.

Wish I’d seen the performance they did at the Espy a few years ago. I bet someone replies that they were there.

Anyway, I’m reminiscing here so won’t bore you any more.

Cheers Bob !

**sits back and frowns upon realisation of how long ago this all was**

Duncan said...

Oooh - enjoyed that looking forward to more!

Mylene said...

The vinyl has an inner sleeve with the lyrics.

mylene said...

Side two is completely remixed. I was going to list the differences but there's too many.

Roger said...

Where do I start? Well.. thank you Bob and Mark for this great rarity. I gather this is off a cassette but is that cover art from a CD release? It certainly looks official release. Anyone know what year the CD came out? So many questions....
I always loved this album - the most adventurous and melodic at the same time. I love the way Ferrie holds it down, particularly on Bantam Had. Kelly is in excelsis here with passion wit and bizarre evocative lyrics and Duffield is all over it. These other versions are like listening to Anthology. Often when a record company asks for a rerecord the band is not into it, but Models rise to the occasion. Superb!
ps Mark, love your work on RockWiz :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Roger, the top photo is I believe the limited ed cover for the single,
local and or general.
the 2nd the back cover of the cassette and the 3rd the front of thr cassette

MF said...

This version of the Models (Sean Kelly, Andrew Duffield, Mark Ferrie) with Barton Price on drums will be playing at the Espy in Melbourne on Fri Aug 6 and the Oxford Arts factory in Sydney on Tues Aug 10.
Pass it on...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I wish I was in Melborne to see that Mark, how about a brief tour up north next, I shall post this for those who can make it.

Anonymous said...

Bob thanks for helping to spread the word! Would love to be in a warmer climate right now ... Melbourne is freezing!

Mike Roberts said...

Also note that Models (same lineup) will be @ the Oxford Arts Factory (supporting author Bret Easton Ellis, believe it or not!!) on Tues 10th August here in Sydney.

In regards to the A&M cassette version, my copy has the Models logo embossed onto the actual plastic case, with no writing on the artwork. No spine art either - just "MODELS" embossed again on the case.

Even though UK vinyl copies of L&OG can be very expensive here, you can usually pick one up from Ebay quite cheaply!

_ said...

any chance you could re-ep this please?

Bob said...

Back Up

_ said...

thanks bob!

Bob said...

Your welcome Richard

Anonymous said...

Back down again?

Bob said...

No it working I just went to the deposit file link from the mirror and its working fine

Anonymous said...

Thanks heaps. Got it working now.

Omar Skaff said...

The link it's dead, there´s some chance to re-upload, please? If so, thanks in advance!