Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4 ZzZ turns 35 !

This friday at the Bleeding Heart Gallery at 166 Ann st the city, is the opening night for a week long exhibition celebrating community radio station 4ZzZ's 35th birthday. The exhibition promises to contain memoriabilia / archive sights and sounds / posters etc - sounds like a hoot.

I've included here some posters and another copy of "radio times" from 1986 that may or may not be at the show. Also a few tv ads that 4zzz had produced for a radiothon many years ago.. big thanks to Rod from the pineapples for slipping me a vhs of these babies way back in the 80's.

If you slip over to "prehistoric sounds" blog you can catch a few radio spots from last century here..

This leads up to the annual radiothon starting this weekend. If you dont live in brisbane you can catch up via the internet thingy streaming stuff via the web site here. You can also donate at the site.

Saturday night at the Zoo hosts the launch of the new cd compilation "Beyond the Banana Curtain" - a sister cd to the fantastic 2000 compilation "behind the banana curtain"

download the radio times feb 86 issue here

p.s. Big thanks to Bob for allowing me to post a few things on his blog while he is in busy / travel mode :D


observer said...

i should have listened to ZZZ a lot more than i did

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Way to go Chuck, great post! Its a little wierd to log on to the SSS and discover a post I didnt do, in a good way

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Damn those vids a something else.
thanks Chuck

bazzil said...

Wow those videos are great!!!
Looks like ZzZ back before punk rock kicked in and all the short hairs took over :)

Matt Mawson said...

Wish I'd kept that drawing in the first TV spot. I put a bit more effort into it because it was for TELEVISION!!! Went up to the TV station with Haydn (I think) to observe the production. We'd planned more (ie some) animation but it didn't work out. I'd drawn a big cutout cartoon hand that was meant to come in from the right, pointing at the banana. All analog, of course ... Adobe Flash would have been so handy.