Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zero - Live West End, Sometime in 1978

A rare a wonderful recording from David K,
the earliest known recording of this legendary
Brisbane band.
Posters come from Chuck and his archive of
Brisbane band posters.

Thanks David and Chuck,
now let me hand over to David.

This gig was held at AHEPA Hall in West End, Brisbane
(where Rio Rhythmics is now) some time in 1978 and this is
the first line-up of Zero (as they were spelled then).
It's interesting to note two things. One, they're
essentially a covers band, but doing a ridiculously eclectic set,
from Sonny Boy Williamson and Chuck Berry through
Patti Smith to the Sex Pistols and Junior Murvin
(I suspect via the Clash, though I wouldn't be surprised if it
was direct). The other interesting thing is that,
according to Barbara, who passed this on to me, they'd been
playing for what was literally a matter of a few months before
this gig, which surprised me, given the quality of the playing.
As far as Barbara knows, this is the only recording of that
first line-up. Enjoy.

Peter Adams - guitars, vocals on Anarchy In The UK
Chris Anderson - guitars, voice on Johnny Be Good,
bass on You Got To Help Me
Irina Lukas - vocals
Debbie Penny - drums
Sax + flute - Barbara Hart
John Hunt - Bass, harmonica on You Got To Help Me

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Unknown said...

freaky - i was looking for an old zzz radiothon poster in the dungeon today (couldnt find it) but did luck onto some old xero posters... then i check the striped and u got a recording.. dang freaky and not even a full moon . . . . ...