Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vote 1 - Joh for P.M. !

Dont forget on saturday to do your civic duty and vote 1 - Joh for P.M. Here is a flexi disc of a rising anthem for you to sing along to at the polling booth. I've put it on my ipod and will take along some speakers for the community's pleasure. The flipside is an instru mental version and I hope I have learnt all the words by saturday to do a full karokee version for my local electorate. I was talking to Joh the other day via the ol' ouija board and he promises me "No more boats! Dont you worry about that! There weren't any boats in my time as Emperor of Queensland and there wont be any when I'm P.M. !"
Australia in the 1950's was a fantastic time and I for one cant wait to return there. If you think like me , you too should Vote 1 -  Joh for P.M. !

download here


observer said...

Joh for PW, Piss and Wind was written somewhere near the old southbank before expo, i used to see it as i rode past on the bus

bob nebe said...

LOL, You must have got that when you joined Joh's youth in your misspend younger days. Very topical Chuck, maybe tony could use it, those lib ads this time have been some of the worst Ive ever seen.
Im glad the ad blackout has started!

Big Cheeze said...

I am interested in who this "Joh" was and what year this promotional song was issued.

Sorry, on the flipside of the world.

bob nebe said...

Wikipedia will fill you in a bit.
Joh is the right hand person on the single cover and the cartoon caricature on the blog header is Joh
trying to exorcist the 4ZzZ demon from the radio.
All rather in jokes for us Brisbane folk

Dat Big Cheeze? said...

Thanks ever so much, told me what I wanted to know to properly tag the files.


John said...

I still have the green Joh For PM sticker the Curious Snail gave away to get the legions of fascists that still inhabit the state to vote for the silly old prick.

bob nebe said...

The curious snail, I never heard that one before LOL.
I would love love to see Chuck voting tomorrow singing along to this song, might put it on the Ipad myself.
but Im thinking billy braggs red flag is more up my alley

Duncan said...

Funny you should mention Billy Bragg. When he played in Brissie in the late 80s, he did a variation on "Stand down Maggie" with "Stand down Jo".

I wonder if I've got that on the gig that Triple Zed recorded and later broadcast.

bob nebe said...

Ive seen Bragg many times, think I was there for that one at easts, he always seemed to add in some local references when in Brisbane

Anonymous said...


What a find

You rock

--- The Mysterious Mr S