Monday, August 23, 2010

John Schumann Plays Redfest

Here is a couple of old John Schumann (ex redgum) singles for an excuse to plug some gigs that schumann and the vagabonds will be playing in the near future. The venue is a festival called "redfest" that is a recent rebranding of the old strawberry festival that has been going for years on the southside bay area of Redlands. It's very kid friendly ( free for under 6years) and cheap as chips for everyone else. Ticket prices here

John schumann and the vagabonds play 2 gigs - friday night and saturday arvo september 3-4. Times here

These 2 singles come from the "etched in blue" lp. More details of all things Schumann can be found on his website here

download singles here


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I would have loved to to that but I will be rather busy that weekend.
sounds like a progresive festival you got there.
Here on the other side of the bay I'm sure they would book Wikity Wak or something like that, that if we could get pass the need to include boats in everything

chuck said...

I cant go either... back on home detention im afraid. apparently there are laws dancing around polling booths in dicktogs singing old national party songs encouraging ppl to vote for a dead man... who woulda thunk it.
It does look like a good festival tho. maybe next year.
The wak in deadcliffe.. sounds like a party.. . ... .