Tuesday, August 3, 2010

James Freud - Singles

From the Models to James Freud, Chuck has ripped 3 limited
edition singles.

Hurricane bw Everythings Alright
Modern Girl bw Worlds of Tragic Tales
Enemy Lines bw Only the Young

Thanks Chuck

Download Here


bazzil said...

Thanks for these!! it's been a while. I remember seeing Enemy Lines on Countdown all those years ago.

Mylene McSnapper said...

James' 1st single was going to be a song called "Prince of Light". At the last minute they decided the melody was a bit too similar to the current Split Enz single "Things" so the song was never released. In reality the resemblance is almost nonexistent and the Enz single flopped anyway.

Although the "Radio Stars" are credited on the "Modern Girl" single and the "Breaking Silence" album it was mostly recorded with session musicians. Mostly hand picked from Melbourne "New Wave" bands.

Mylene McSnapper said...

Modern Girl was a hit around the same time as I Got You by Split Enz. At that time the Mushroom label was changing designs so both this singles came out on 3 different Mushroom labels. The early yellowly brown one, the short lived upside down Phil Brophy designed version and the "corrected" right side up Brophy label. Collect the whole set. :-)

WJ said...

hmm.. got any scans of the short-lived upside down design? I've got a half-dozen Modern Girl singles, but they are all either the triangular logo common in later Mushroom releases, or that brown actual mushroom one... nothing else, sadly. And I thought I had everything! lol

I wonder if anyone has a boot of "prince of light" - I'd love to hear it!

chuck said...

another label ??¿
crikey- more to add on the list i guess... this collecting thing is never ending.. .. .

Mylene McSnapper said...

I think I Got You, Modern Girl and Taxi Mary were the only (hit)singles on the upside down Mushroom label. Enemy Lines was also released in a picture sleeve but only the earlier black vinyl pressing.

WJ said...

Damned if I can find a scan/photocopy (let alone the real deal) of the PS of Enemy Lines... I've got several of the black vinyl, same for the red, but none with PS.... Scans appreciated! :)

Dangerbird said...

i always thought Regurgitator should've covered Modern Girl aroufn their Unit-era.

WJ said...

Chuck! Here's a link to a picture of the [ALT-ART] version of Modern Girl... strangely structured label, to be sure!



Graham said...

Hi Bob
Been looking for these for awhile. Can you re-upload the links. Thanks Graham

Bob said...

Im sorry I cant find these files, I shall try Chuck