Monday, August 30, 2010

"Distant Violins" #12 number 12, cassette 1 1984

Steve Aka duckdogtwo has been inspired by the Fast Forward
to share this number 12 of the Distant Violins Cassette series.
I do love these cassette fanzine type things.

01 - Tiny Town - Queue up
02 - The Triffids Talk about having lunch with Julian
03 - The Triffids - Kids these days
04 - The Great Unwashed - Point that thing at somewhere else
05 - Iggy Pop - interview
06 - Pictish Blood - An end to all fear
07 - The Particles - I know a place
08 - Fronter Scouts - Belmondo
09 - The Great Unwashed - What you should be now
10 - The Great Unwashed - Middle sized mind
11 - Damn Heck - Floral Clock
12 - These Future Kings - Man who would be king
13 - These Future Kings - Skin Pages
14 - Newie - Eggs and fish

Download Here


chuck said...

wahhooooo !
big thanks to steve for this one. Sadly i never purchased any of the distant violin mags / cassettes at the time so im well chuffed to get this download. I hope one day David will pdf the old mags and post em on his blog or do a reprint book (ala sniffing glue) of this amazing time in australian music.

note: track 6 should read "Pictish Blood" - obscured by crease marks on the cover art.
more info on Pictish Blood can be found at
and info on some other PB songs on compilation cassettes can be found at

more info on tiny town stuff can be found at


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I shall edit the Pictish Blood bit Chuck,
Ive been sitting on this for a while,
but now is a good time when Im about to be out the country a while.
Im sure you can handle the controversy

Donat Tahiraj said...

Thanks fellas. I've always loved this particular DV cassette.

chuck said...

Links have gone stale on this one sorry peeps..

If you come here looking again Ben, I've uploaded the Pictish Blood track only here _

Triple Zed Brisbane
R.I.P Terry Mcdougall awesome bass player (Pictish Blood - Reality Damage - Psycho Circus - Insane Hombres - Dreamkillers )

The Brisbane punk scene has recently lost one of it's most colourful characters. The last time I saw Terry was at Steve Ignorant [Crass lead singer] last June and he told me he had come to see the man who changed his life. Crass and Steve Ignorant changed his life but Terry changed a many a life here in Brisbane. His frantic upstroke bass playing and low lean back stance on stage were an inspiration for many of today's bass players around Brisbane. The Insane Hombres catch cry was Louder, Harder, Faster and it was the way Terry loved his music and life. Cheers Terry from 4ZZZ for many great memories and many a great gig (Chris Converse). Tune in to The Brown Couch from 3pm this afternoon for a tribute to Terry

Anonymous said...

can this be re-upped please?
thanks for your greet blog


vladizor said...

Please re-up this record!
I'm looking for anything related to Distant Violins:
Thank you so much for this post!