Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dave Steel and Tiffany Eckhardt

Dave Steel and Tiffany Eckhardt are perhaps the most dynamic
couple in the world of Australian Folk Blues that you will ever
come across.
Both with exceptional talent and extraordinary careers, these
guys deserve to be better known. I've complied a few songs
and a podcast so you can do just that. Theres 4 songs each
and a dig radio podcast which you can read about here
In case you're wondering what these guys sound like I'll
give you a brief rundown and their myspace bios.
Dave Steel has had an impressive career starting out as
the guitarist for Weddings, Parties, anything before his
solo career. He has also worked with many others and
I've seen him play both solo and with Archie Roche many
times. The two photos of Dave are mine from Woodford.
He is simply one of the best blues performers this country
has produced.
Tiffany Eckhardt his partner is an fantastic folk, blues,
country type performer, but simply just fantastic
acoustic guitar based music.

About Dave Steel

Dave Steel is a singer / songwriter, multi instrumentalist
and producer
of twenty years experience.
Some people may be familiar with his seven
solo albums, some with his work as an accompanist

with the likes of Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Rose Bygrave ,
Marcia Howard, and Tiffany Eckhardt, amongst many others.
He is also familiar as the original guitarist with
Weddings Parties Anything.
Dave is an experienced
touring musician, having worked all over the world

as a solo act, as an accompanist, and as a band member
at all levels from
tiny clubs to huge concert stages.
He also has extensive studio experience,

having produced many recordings
(including Peter Baxters two albums)

and been a session player on many more

Tiffany Eckhardt

Award winning songwriter Tiffany Eckhardt is based in
South West Victoria. She has released 6 albums over the
10 years and has established herself as one of
Australia’s favorite
artists in the Festival scene.
Her songs include folk, country
and blues and have
become well known nation wide being played

regularly on ABC radio and various stations across the
Tiffany has recently finished recording her
6th album
"Perfect Day" with some of the most talented
players in
Australia including Tony Floyd on drums,
Jonathan Zion on bass ,
Dave Steel on dobro,
acoustic guitar,mandolin and lap steel
and John Bedggood on keys and violin.

Track List
Dave Steel
01 have a round on me
02 postcard from brooklyn
03 home is a hard thing to find
04 weary blues

Tiffany Eckhardt
05 prefect day
06 sticks and stones
07 fly away
08 think about you
09 Dig radio podcast

Download Here


mialee said...

Have you spotted the Neil Murray torrent yet - dimeadozen.

bob nebe said...

Thanks mialee, I used to check dimeadozen religiously, I'm a bit slacker these days and things slip pass me, I'll look now
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Anonymous said...

how do you actually manage to get torrents via dimeadozen?

thanks for the excellent warumpi stuff



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Hi Tricky, you have to get an account first, then you'll need a torrent program. If you already know all about torrents then you'll know how it works. I'm not sure how easy it is to get an account and I'll warn you their a fussy bunch, everything is lossless, so they are big downloads.
The Neil torrent was a small one, only 389 mb, the dvds can be 4 gig.
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RB said...

The Dave Steel/Tracy Eckhardt download link has expired. Any chance of warming it up again? Cheers

bob nebe said...

Reposting for ya ricky