Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Gone Wrong - Always The Bridegroom

John Kennedy's Love Gone Wrong 1987 debut Lp
"Always the Bridegroom" is a lost gem, from a band which
never got the recognition they deserved.
I've tried to address this by posting this rip from my vinyl copy of this
wonderful record. This album described as "country tinged, light
guitar,Brisbanish veranda sound" in a review at the time, is a mature
progression of this Brisbane lad gone to Sydney to crack the big time
and theres no doubt where he's coming from the opening song

Hey Steven - John Kennedy and Cory Messenger

"Hey Steven, what am I doing here
I should of left school when I was 15,
and got a job as an apprentice bricklayer.
Weekends of bear and football,

would have made a man out of me.

Nothing lay beyond that as far as I could see.

Hey Steven, where did I go wrong,
I should of had a girl pregnant
when I was 18,
and be married with a kid before too long.
The Acacia Ridge assembly line never had a hold on me
and when GMH shut down its plant there was no redundancy.
Hey Steven, I'm leaving Brisbane"

In the video clip below "Brisvegas" John refers to this song, as
"I must have sung that song about leaving Brisbane,
one too many times"
As he struggles to understand why His old home
town has passed him by. It seems to be a common complaint
amongst the ranks of Brisbane's talented.


Track list
01 Hey Steven

02 The eyes have it

03 When evening comes
04 You will find
05 I was confused
06 The singing city
07 Better days

08 World upside down

09 Stay

10 Strangers kiss

11 Hope takes a holiday

12 I want you

Download Here

A set list from the band around the time I still have.

Love Gone Wrong from bridegroom inner sleeve

The Singing City


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Brilliant! Thanks for uploading - returning to my early 20s...!

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