Tuesday, June 17, 2008

George Rrurrambu - Nerbu Message

George Rrurrambu is a pioneer of Aboriginal rock music.
In a career that began over twenty years ago with his
internationally acclaimed band, Warumpi,
(who recorded the first ever rock song in an Aboriginal language),
or more recently as a solo professional artist,
George is a respected and proud ambassador for his culture.
He is a living legend to Aboriginal people all over Australia
and much loved by non-Indigenous Australians for
Warumpi's anthemic songs Blackfella Whitefella and My Island Home.
He has achieved mainstream success both in Australia
and overseas and was this year recognised at the inaugural NT Music
Industry Awards for his contribution to the music industry.
George last toured with Warumpi in 1999.
He has since performed at FIGJAM Indigenous Music Concert,
Festival of Darwin 2000, Yeperenye Federation Festival;
recorded a solo reggae album Nerbu Message and
toured to Europe in 2002 with Melbourne outfit Bomba.
George has also turned his talents to theatre and
recently performed NERRPU Dhawu Rrurrambuwuy
(The story of George Rrurrambu) at the Darwin Entertainment Center.
He is in demand around the country as a speaker lecturing on
Yolngu culture and music and has conducted cultural workshops
in Berlin and Amsterdam. George is committed to his culture and
country with a strong desire to create a better future for the next
generation through productive partnerships with the balanda (whitefella).
In 2007, on June the 10th George died at the age of 50 after a long
battle with cancer,after his death he became known as
George Burarrwanga for cultural reasons.

Track list

  1. Eastern Wind
  2. Galuku
  3. Boomerang
  4. Lapu
  5. Freedom, Peace and One World
  6. Djantpangarri
  7. Marrayilyil
  8. Djutarra
  9. Ronu Wanga (My Island Home)
  10. Watu
  11. Guyularri
  12. Wake Up Australia
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