Sunday, June 29, 2008

Queensland in Quarantine - Various Artists

A request on the ausrock forum leads me to post this legendary
cassette release .This limited edition cassette dates back to
1984 and showcases some of the finest talent the city had at
the time.Check out the comments on this post for the
recollections from the time and from Linda who put together
this cassette.
Regular readers of this blog would know I love a good compilation
and this is one of the best, if your interested in this then I have an
earlier post on the 4zzz state of emergence lp which is also fantastic.
 I've touched on a couple of these bands here before like
Presidents 11 and Tangled Shoelaces, other bands of note include
the incredible Lovs e blur, the Colours who's song "Blue Shirt"
is just one of the best songs ever and Sister Christmas who's
drummer was a good friend back in high school.
Add to that the very inventive and funny sound bites thought
out the tape and you have a very enjoyable experience.

 Track List

1. National Party Ad / Jerry Connolly / Flo / Joh
2. PORK "Three Kittens"
3. DANCE THEATRE "Finetime"
4. UPS & DOWNS "Colours Forming"
5. Geoff Munz, Qld Prisons Minister
6. TIM GRUCHY "'Bout 6 Months Ago"
7. EUGENE & THE EGG " View From The Edge"
8. Fairyland Ad / Flo
9. GATEKEEPERS "Unkindest Cut"
10. Geoff Muntz
11. LOVS E BLUR "Cruel Cruel Man"
12. THIS 5 MINUTES "Sunday Afternoon"
13. PRESIDENTS 11 "Summer Vacation"
14. Jerry Connolly
15. TANGLED SHOELACES "The Day The Rainclouds Went Away"

1. MATT MAWSON "ElectroProp"
2. PICTISH BLOOD "Religious Fallacies"
4. LINDA & HARLEY "Narcolepsey"
5. COLOURS "Blue Shirt"
6. THIS 5 MINUTES "Coronation Time"
7. Steven's Arrest
8. FURIOUS TURTLES "Trust Mistrust
9. VACANT ROOMS "Living In A Shadow"
10. STRANGE GLORY "Burial"
11. Flo / Muntz' first & last press conference
12. TINY TOWN "And I"
13. PERSIA "Q-Girl
14. Flo
16. Joh
17. SUZETTE "..........."
18. Flo
Download here


Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

Thanks heaps for making this available. I used to have this cassette but lost it somewhere along the way in share houses.

I haven't heard this stuff for decades.

Thanks again, I know a few people who would be very happy to get a copy again.

bob nebe said...

no problem, you can send all those
share house refugees over here.
You must have lived in Brisbane to have had a copy, so don't stay anonymous and I'd love to here any stories of bands and goings on in mid 80's Brisy
ciao bob

bazzil said...

It's quite a surprise how many people still remember this and how many people are still looking for a copy.
Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post (and all that came before it). This blog has the most consistently quality posts of any blog I've come across.

The Brisbane focus (especially the late 70s/80s) is a big bonus for me as my love for this period/place grows every day.

Despite living in Brisbane for most of my adult life and working as a music *cough* journalist while I was there, I've found that it's only since moving down to Melbourne two years ago that my interest in this earlier (a good decade or two before my time) period has really bloomed. There is such gold in them there hills.

This has been a long-winded way of saying thanks for the brilliant music and the brilliant blog, long may it continue.

Robert. (Is it just me or are there a lot of Roberts from Brisbane?)

bob nebe said...

yep bazzil its definitely an underground release and not something
you'd except that many people to remember, but some of the stuff I post surprises me with people who love it as much as me, not to mention remember it.
Robert thanks for your kind words and your insight into anything musical from brisy in the 90's or when ever you worked in the business will be appreciated.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,

Gee I don't suppose you have a copy in mp3 format of At The Fuehrers Request(aka At the Solicitors Request) by Rubber Records 1985 , another Brisbane comp that came on Vinyl? I enjoyed QLD in Quarantine.

bob nebe said...

Hi mark, sorry I haven't,but I'd be real interested if you find it.
Try ausrock bazzil or Mr k may have it.Did you see the 4zzz "State of emergence" Lp, I posted it back in January.
ciao bob

AMuseD said...

I wish I found this before I just spent hours ripping my own copy! I don't know if they had access to a compressor but the sound levels were all over the place!

Since you said you were interested in those of us who were around at the time, here goes. I remember the mid to late 80s as an exciting time for brisbane music. I started volunteering at ZZZ in 1984, straight out of school, so that really opened my eyes. I did the request show for a couple of years I think, then just did the occasional shift. I also studied sound engineering and worked as a house mixer at the Outpost, having a lot of local bands through. I also played bass in a band called Ash in October. I left for Melbourne in 1989, and didn't get to hear much about the brisbane scene after that.

I do have a few tapes I've recorded of bands at the time so if there's anything you're looking for I can see if I have it.

I'm really trying to find the cutters. I think I have the cassette still but i lost most of my records in the move back to Brisbane in 2001, and a heap more in a flood, so I am left with only a small box of singles :( I had the single "more than fire" and an ep "the long way".

Thanks again for providing a great range of music for us all, some of which I haven't heard for a couple of decades!

bob nebe said...

Thanks Paislie for your input.You must have been working at zzz when they were still at St Lucia, announced on the Latin American show when they had relocated to Toowong after being kicked off campus, but before they moved to Spring Hill.
I saw a few bands at the outpost, I especially remember seeing Ed Kuepper play there, I dragged the wife to be there and somehow she became his biggest fan after that.
I'd be interested in anything you thing would fit in with the blogs theme and Indy Brisbane is right up my alley.
If you have anything from your old band that would be great, I can remember the name, but I can't remember seeing you's play.
ciao bob

David J said...

Hi Bob,

When I downloaded the files I found that they had no ID3 tags so they wouldn't show the correct song names etc when playing on MP3 players, in the software, etc.

Also, there is an extra, unidentified track (Track 3 of side 2) - there are 19 tracks, not 18 on side 2.

I've uploaded new versions of these files with the ID3 tags all completed and the unidentified track labelled artist and track "Unknown".

The new versions are at:


David Jackmanson

David J said...

When I downloaded the file I found that there were no ID3 tags on the songs, so that the track names won't show up on MP3 players, in the software, etc.

I've edited the tags and uploaded a new version. It's at:

Also, track 3 of side 2 is an unlisted track - there are 19 songs, not 18 on that side. I've labelled it as "unknonw" for artist and track name.


David Jackmanson

bob nebe said...

Thanks David, I didn't rip that so I'm not sure bout the labeling, I did notice the tracks went out of order or something.I will link to your file
ciao bob

fabulous heretic said...

I'm the singer from Pictish Blood. It will be funny to hear this tape again after all this time.

I remember when Jane (who still DJs around Brisbane) asked us to be on it, just so there would be something unpleasant and un-pop on the tape.

GAM said...

I'm currently digitizing a very similar comp. called "Music From the State of Corruption" which only came out on cassette. Anyone interested?

bob nebe said...

Sure are Gam, I'm sure the readers here will be too, but this being an old post i would expect to many people apart from me to read it.
If you upload it send us a link, any info you want posted with the link and if possible scans or photos of the artwork.
Thanks for the offer.
Always good to see Brisbane people on here
Ciao bob

Unknown said...

bob ,just stumbled across youre blog ,im looking for another track in particular that used to get airplay around the same time ,they used to say the song was wild boys by the wild boys ,i dont know if this is right or not ,some of the lyricks were ,ive been to unplesant places ,ive drempt un plesant dreams ,ive wiped the smile of their faces ,i laugh when they all scream ,wild boys children of the night ,any help with this would be appreciated

bathmate said...

Everything looks good in your posting.
That will be necessary for all. Thanks for your posting.

GAM said...

I've just downloaded this and am getting the tracks in order etc. Regarding the "Unknown" 3rd track on the second side, I'm wondering if it's actually "Fine Time" by "Dance Theatre" as *that* track on Side 1 is just a fragment of (shudder) Flo speaking? Could this have been a mix-up on the original track-listing? That's far from improbable...

bob nebe said...

You are most likely correct glen,
its a great tape.
You have a great new years and hope we can catch up maybe at the laughing clowns next month

GAM said...

No - I was incorrect. That punk song is unknown. 'Fine Time' was for some reason attributed to the Flo fragment & hence the real 'Fine Time' was given the title of the Ups & Downs song which was in turn mis-labelled "Geoff Muntz...". I think I'll post what I think is the track listing when I've finished going through them all. The songs have not been that well edited either & I find I have to remove extended tails and add about a second or so silence at the head. Remember this is the digital age, people and we want to hear these track by track in a smooth fashion!

bob nebe said...

Im with you Glen, I shall repost if you can tidy it all up my friend

GAM said...

Yep - will do. It's worth doing as it's a really interesting comp; more radical in concept than the "State of Corruption" one I did. Almost finished Side 1 now.

Anonymous said...

I just found this blog. My band Vacant Rooms were included in two compilations, "Queensland in Quarantine" & "At the (Fuherers) Solictors request".

I did not know about the latter until someone had wised me up. I remember loaning out a 1/4 inch master tape reel to someone once, promptly forgot about it and the tracks ended up on "At the Solicitors Request."

Vacant Rooms burnt hard and fast and unfortunately never actually had any formal releases but were respected enough by some to be included (by d.j's -Linda Wallace-and others) on these compilations.

We played with or saw most of the other artists on these compilations as we were all peers. It really was an inspiring time.

It's nice to see that people believe that there was so much more to Brisbane than the Go-Betweens.

Our first support was with Chris Bailey on a solo tour in 1983. I was 15 at the time.

On July 11 2010 at The Prince of Wales - Nundah, Vacant Rooms and the Colours will be playing a benefit for John Spresser from Toy Watches and Skeletones. Other bands of the period will/may also play.

Entitled Spresserfest we raise funds for John and promote the idea of Youngcare. Again we all started doing this a few years ago before mainstream consciousness became aware of Youngcare through mainstream artists.

I know some of these blogs have dates of 2008 etc, but I am hoping that someone sees this and comes along to the show. It will be the first time in 25 years that the original Colours line up will be performing.

I put together an outdoor gig in Ipswich in 1983 and invited all of my favourite friends and bands to play I called it "Bremerbeat".
This is the artist list in no particular order:

New Improved Testament
The Fits
Sister Xmas
Presidents XI
Les Bon Bons
Vampire Lovers
Vacant Rooms (of course)
Outer Limits
Ups & Downs

Thanks for reading,

Harley said...

thanks so much for posting this! my cassette crumbled to dust years ago.

I put together the news and other voice grabs of joh, flo, muntz, real estate ads etc.

Linda Wallace curated the music.

Sooooo good to hear it again.

Harley Stumm

Harley said...

BTW: the levels are all over the place because we mastered it by cutting together the masters people lent us! Then sent it off to be copied. Got the master back, cut it up again, and sent the originals back to the artists.

We thought that would save losing a generation's worth of quality. We were radio makers, not music producers :=/

chuck said...

and good radio it was Harley !
I have a pristine copy of this I've been meaning to rip ( can adjust levels) and post in a higher bitrate with full art.. at alater date.. One of the top3 4zzz products ever released imho

A Clement said...

Having problems finding an association to play the download. It is not recognised by my usual programs. Any ideas??

bob nebe said...

As far as I Know it will be a rar file which when unrared is a folder with the MP3s in it. They are playable by any number of programs such as winamp.

bob nebe said...

Just downloaded the file and its all working fine as I said, unrar and play with winamp

Harley said...

Hi again Chuck
Any chance you could post the higher bitrate version as you promised a while back? Would love to hear it again in all its glory!

thanks again

chuck said...

too many promises..not enuff time :)
back on the list of to-do's Harley.. number 3 but on the move !
I only just noticed yer request as this sad news hit 4zzz airwaves yesterday -
Triple Zed Brisbane
R.I.P Terry Mcdougall awesome bass player (Pictish Blood - Reality Damage - Psycho Circus - Insane Hombres - Dreamkillers )

The Brisbane punk scene has recently lost one of it's most colourful characters. The last time I saw Terry was at Steve Ignorant [Crass lead singer] last June and he told me he had come to see the man who changed his life. Crass and Steve Ignorant changed his life but Terry changed a many a life here in Brisbane. His frantic upstroke bass playing and low lean back stance on stage were an inspiration for many of today's bass players around Brisbane. The Insane Hombres catch cry was Louder, Harder, Faster and it was the way Terry loved his music and life. Cheers Terry from 4ZZZ for many great memories and many a great gig (Chris Converse). Tune in to The Brown Couch from 3pm this afternoon for a tribute to Terry

John Pearce said...

Yep Terry was a bit of a legend, and myself and Axel from the Vampire Lovers were the evil fuckers behind At the Fuhers Request which we had to change to at the Solicitors because of special branch and the state prosecutors attention. We were all MacGregor kids with the McLeod Bros Rod Clay n Gavin. We distributed Citadel records, offended most of the feminists at Zzzz and ran Macs 409 then I ran the Love Inn Crystal Club / Doolies and toured bands such as Died Pretty Celibate Rifles Exploding White Mice Lighthouse Keepers, Bris bands Strange Glory Vampire Lover Horney Toads Rabid Souls etc , moved to Sydney then London for the past 19 years. Politicised,by Brisbane and Joh the turd, so I loved every minute and all your company at the time. Will be back for a couple of months at the end of the year and looking forward to seeing a lot of great friends

Linda Wallace said...

A friend of mine pointed me to the blog and I was thrilled to read all the comments about "Queensland in Quarantine, a compilation of diseased music" and also to see that the tape is available online. However I wasn't so thrilled to read that it was attributed to 4ZZZ, as the station had nothing to do with it -- the project was very much my own baby.

In late 1982 I moved to Brisbane to work as an announcer and producer at 4ZZZ. Before moving back to Sydney at the beginning of '84 I decided to make the cassette as a record of the time. I sold my car to finance it. There were postcards inside the package by Matt Mawson, Terry Murphy and John Wilsteed, and stickers. Harley Stumm helped A LOT on the production, as did Mark Loutit (where we mastered the tape) and Matt did the final visual layout.

I selected the music that I'd grown to love over that year in Brisbane, and also chose all audio grabs that went between the tracks. These fragments helped to situate the music. I worked with Harley on these clips in the Triple Z studios, sometimes using material from the newsroom (so in these ways the station indirectly supported the production).

I had 500 packages made and sent them to record stores, radio stations and media all around Australia. I guess I gave 50 away - to the bands, artists, helpers and media - but all 450 others eventually sold, over the course of a year or so, and, as I recall I sort of slowly covered my costs.

I've downloaded the file and listened to the whole thing again today and I think it is remarkable that it is still so fresh and alive, and really brings back the feeling of life in Brisbane in 1983, which is nearly thirty years ago, before the digital world and the internet.

So please, download and relax with 'Queensland in Quarantine', perhaps with a gin and tonic on the verandah, dreaming of the time that was so intense, creative and vivid.

GAM said...

Well - thanks for making it happen Linda. We appreciate your work. Bob - did I ever re-post my version?

Liz said...

Love that the QnQ cassette songs had no ID3 tags and left people wondering if you had access to a compressor but the sound levels were all over the place! Huh!? Yay! Congrats from the future for cutting together the masters people lent you. I cant wait to play (And obviously, I have not been paying attention here since July 2008) Great crowd re-mixing work everyone!

bob nebe said...

Well theres been a bit of excitement on this old post,
thanks Linda for correcting the historical record we are all about recollections and information from those for those who were there at the the time on this blog
and Glen it is indeed your reworked version thats up!

Harley said...

Not sure if this posted earlier...

The track titles and running order got a bit scrambled. If this concerns you then rename tracks as follows:

Side 1
Track 3 is not Dance Theatre, it’s Flo
Track 5 is not Geoff Muntz it’s Ups & Downs
Track 6 has Geoff Muntz Prisons Minister PLUS Tim Gruchy ‘Bout Six Months Ago

Side 2:
Track 1 Matt Mawson not Lawson
Track 2 is not Pictish Blood, it’s Loop with voice of Go-Betweens
Track 3 MP3 is untitled, but it’s Pictish Blood’s Religious Fallacies

Also tracks 16-19 belong to side B not side A. IE 16 Ruth Tonge, 17 Joh (yes it is democratic), 18 Suzette (with Quentin Crisp sample), 19 Flo (always preach ture democracy).

GAM said...

Hi Harley,

Thanks for your corrections, but could you clarify the side 2 ones a bit please? Specifically:

Track 2: Is the artist "Loop" & track "Voice of Go-Betweens"?
Track 18: Is the track "Quentin Crisp sample"?

My updated songs that Bob said I'd posted would have had the Side 1 corrections ok, but I've had to update the Side 2 ones as per Harley, hence the need for clarification.



Linda Wallace said...

hi and thanks Harley for going through the tracklists and unscrambling them. Also what should be Gruchy is listed as Bruchy. As to the idea that we cut up master tapes and stuck them all together, well, as I recall the reason we were working in Mark's home studio was to go from the band master tapes to a new master on another reel to reel machine, but I could be wrong. It was thirty years ago and brains like tracklists get a bit scrambled. It is just great that this thing survived somehow!!

Harley Stumm said...

Track 2 artist is Linda & Harley. Features a tapeloop ie sample of voices of Grant & Robert Go-Between.

Track 18 by Suzette was titled ............ or somesuch. FEatures sample of Quentin Crisp.

bob nebe said...

back up