Thursday, June 26, 2008

Earth Music - The Single

The Single for the Earth Music Project is a wonderful extra bonus,
containing the died pretty track as the main song and two
extra cover tracks that didn't appear on the album.
The seminal Aussie band, The Celibate Rifles cover the classic sports
tune Boys (what did the detective say) and the fantastic
Painters and Dockers brings us the Mentals classic
The nips are getting bigger.
Who could ask for more two of my favorite bands from the
time I saw live quite a bit.
Thanks to Steve aka duckdogtwo for this and as he says

Odd choice for a single and those two tracks
are better than some on the album,
particularly Boys, always a great song.

Track List
01 - Died Pretty - Eternally Yours
02 - Celibate Rifles - Boys(what did the detective say)
03 - Painters and Dockers - The Nips Are Getting Bigger
04 - Voxpops(mystery track)
05 - Promo track

Download Here