Sunday, June 22, 2008

Earth Music - Various Artists

Well its my 100th post and I have a very special and rare compilation
album for you. This 1994 CD brings together an eclectic bunch of
Australian artists to be part of the Earth Music Trust, to raise funds
for Greening Australia.
All Artists donated their times and potential
royalties to the project and many of the song writers and publishers
as well. The Cd is a wonderful package which includes a booklet that
talks of the problems the project is addressing and is made from
recycled materials where possible.

The music is where it is however, we have many artists here that
I have covered on this blog. Dave Steel gets a band together and
covers the Inxs song "Don't Change", Ed Kuepper gives us
"Sad Dark Eyes", Chris Bailey is here, Shane Howard and
Archie Roach perform together, Died Pretty do Ed's masterpiece
"Eternally Yours" and The Falling Joys finish the album up.

There is also some fine acts I haven't got round to yet.
The Weddings song "Saints and Kings" is a real treat,
Kate Ceberano does the Hunters classic
"Throw Your Arms Around Me"
and The Hunters give us the Saints Classic
"Know Your Product"
Theres also songs by a number of other well known
artists, but check out the track list .
This is a fine Australian compilation album.

Track List
01 - Ross Wilson With Uptown Rulers -
The World's Got Everything In It
02 - Dave Steel And The Roadside Prophets -
Don't Change
03 - Ed Kuepper And The Serene Machine -
Sad Dark Eyes
04 - Wedding Parties Anything -
Saints And Knights
05 - The Badloves - Boy On The Run
06 - The Killjoys - Flame Trees
07 - Joe Camilleri - Gypsy Queen
08 - Kate Ceberano - Throw Your Arms Around Me
09 - Diesel - The Underground
10 - Hunters & Collectors - Know Your Product
11 - Jimmy Barnes - Black And Blue
12 - Chris Bailey - Not Even Close
13 - Shane Howard & Archie Road - Nhyul Nhyul Girl
14 - Daryl Braithwaite - Golden Miles
15 - Died Pretty - Eternally Yours
16 - The Falling Joys - Over Now

Download Here


Meggsy said...

Hi Bob, Fantastic mix of artists on this one. Thanks for the post.
Also wanted to let you know that Models Tape I was working on is done.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Meggsy I'll get over and have a look
ciao bob

duckdogtwo said...

Hey Bob

Thanks for this. There was a single released for this, the Died Pretty track.

Also on the single are tracks by Celibate Rifles and Painters And Dockers. Can upload if you are interested.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Steve good to hear from you, I'm interested in the single sounds great, please do upload thanks.
ciao bob

mr.kenneth said...

happy 100th bob!

and here's to the next 100 wonderful posts!

best wishes

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Mr K great to hear from you too.ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hello; fantastic blog, a real labour of love. Now, this Soil and Water comp: the zshare files are not available any more, could spare some time for reup them ? I would love to hear Died Pretty covering eternally yours... Thanks in advance.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up mr anonymous, but don't be shy introduce yourself

JestaCat said...

This post is so so many years old ... I wonder if there's any chance of a re-up of this long deleted collection. Thanks!

Kylie S said...

any chance of getting 06 - The Killjoys - Flame Trees?