Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Not Drowning Waving - Corner Hotel 25 Aug 2005

"Now that’s more like it we thought.
They were strong gigs, had a real energy
and atmosphere to it,
and it was such a buzz playing to a full crowd.
I knew we were on to something.
Something different compared to the country punk
that was the St. Kilda sound of that time.
Mind you, there was lots of improvement to be done...
My singing was a weak link,
we hadn’t mastered the technology,
we had yet to work up the bustling versions
of Storm and Sing Sing which were the cornerstones
of the NDW live gigs later on..."

David Bridie on NDW live in the mid 80's

Not Drowning, Waving - Big Sky/Teteko Aotearoa
Live in Alexandra Gardens, Melbourne, Australia - March 25, 2006

This excellent recording of one of the last NDW re-union show
is a testimony to how a band with much promise delivers.
After a standout performances at the 2003 Womadelaide Festival,
Australian cult band, Not Drowning Waving, decided to play a
small number of final reunion shows including this
special one off Melbourne show in celebration of the release of their
retrospective double CD "Through The One Last Door"
Recorded at the Corner Hotel in Melbourne on the 25th Aug 2005.

Many thanks to Mr S for this amazing show

Track List
01 Mr Suharto Man
02 Plog
03 Sky The Towel
04 Cold and the Crackle
05 Yes Sir, I Can Boogie
06 Teteko
07 The Same Heat
08 Up In The Mountains
09 Wobble
11 Walk Me Home
12 Albert Namatjira
13 Crazy Birds

Download Here

Not Drowning, Waving - Willow Tree