Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Robert Forster :Live Radio Session BBC 6

Steve from Keyham in the UK who gave us the heads up
on the Robert Forster live radio session on the Marc Riley
show on BBC radio 6, has outdone him self and recorded it.
Its a fantastic recording, with 3 tracks and a couple of
interviews. Pandanus is shaping up to be my fav track of
the Evangelist, its great here. The whole band is on this.

Here's what Steve says

Managed to catch the Robert Forster session & it was great.
Have recorded it & posted it onto Rapidshare.
It's my first pop at actually uploading to Rapidshare,
but it seems to work.

Plus a couple of pics from the tour blog of
our favorite band on the run,
catch up with this very funny blog here

Track list
01 Intro 01
02 pandanus
03 interview 01
04 Intro 02
05 surfing magazines
06 interview 02
07 demon days
08 outro

Download here


Anonymous said...

Thanks, again!