Friday, February 12, 2010

Fast Forward 001 cassette magazine

Based in Melbourne, Fast Forward released some 13 issues
between 1980 and 1982.
Its focus was on indy music and especially Australian.

Thanks to Steve Aka Baskingshark whos rips these are
and for the scans of the original artwork/packaging.

Fast Forward 001 cassette magazine November 1980
01. introduction
02. Teeney Weenys - "Father Likes Daughter"
03. Editions interview - "All Dressed Up"
04. Mod In Melbourne
Little Murders - "Trouble With Love"
05. interview Raff Edmunds
06. Pel Mel - "No Word from China"
07. Informatics - "Concorde Affair"

Download Here


bazzil said...

I remember seeing these at the store back in the day. I only bought one, I used to listen to friends copies. I had issue 007... long gone though.


Do you have the lot?
It'd be great to hear them all again.

bob nebe said...

Hey Bazz, I do indeed have em all, just the mp3's however no artwork or magazines.

Baskingshark said...

Hey Bob. Did you find these on Soulseek? If so, then they were would have been from my cassettes.

I still have them all (the magazines & tapes), although several of the tapes needed to be "baked" to salvage the rips.

Fast Forward was a fabulous publication, and a great way of keeping up with what was going on the Aussie indie music scene in the early 80's.

It's a pity it didn't make it past the unlucky 13th issue.


bob nebe said...

Hi Baskingshark, I did indeed find these on soulseek where some kindly soul let me leach the lot.
Any help with covers would be great, there almost nothing on Fast forward on the net

Baskingshark said...

Hi Bob.

I'll see what I can do.

The packaging for the early editions was very simple - just a clear plastic wallet with a cassette and a single folded sheet.

They became more elaborate with each edition. By Double Issue 008/009 the single sheet format was ditched and replaced by a full 32 page magazine.

What you've got up for Issue 001 is actually the whole "magazine".

Cheers Steve

bob nebe said...

Thanks Steve I always feel things are a bit incomplete without the art work

Baskingshark said...

Here's a link to scans for Issues 001-004.

I haven't included the "magazine for issue 001 as you already have that up.

Cheers, Steve

bob nebe said...

Thanks Steve, thats a fantastic addition to these posts

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing these steve.. and thanks for scanning the art.. i was just about to scan my only issue .. issue12.. so u saved me some effort..
o0 and thx to the blog for posting them :)

Baskingshark said...

Actually, I'm having trouble locating the packaging for Issue 010 (I've found a copy of the cassette only).

I'll keep searching but it may have gone AWOL. The rest are present and correct, so I'll do some more scanning in a day or two.

Cheers Steve

bob nebe said...

Thanks Steve they look great on the posts, very nice packing all round.
ciao bob

Dead EyesOpened said...

Steve and Bob, I'd honestly given up ever seeing these again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are both champions for making these very rare items available in digital format.