Friday, February 26, 2010

Frontier Scouts- When daddy blows his top / Out of your shell

Chucks has sent in another Gem, this 7" from the Frontier Scouts.
Thanks Chuck now lets hear from Chuck all about it

just dug up an old frontier scouts 7 inch and ripped for
the blog..

as mentioned in steve's mystery cassette post ..
great interview :)

lovin the fast forwards keep em coming

Download removed

"When Daddy Blows His Top" / THE FRONTIER SCOUTS (1983)

Music Video for THE FRONTIER SCOUTS directed by Robin Gold.
Photographed on Super 8 by Kriv Stenders.
Shot in Darlinghust, Sydney, April 1983.


Baskingshark said...

Here's a link to the Frontier Scouts' 'Museum Collection EP' ripped from my vinyl:

I can recommend the Andrew Wilson "Amateurism" collection if you can find a copy for sale. It's a great compilation.

Cheers, Steve

Donat said...

Bobby, you've got to throw in the video for When Daddy Blows His Top in your blog.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Donat I shall do that now

twiceremoved said...

From Memory, Dada records in Perth has a bunch of the Andrew Wilson and Associates 12" going for something like 50 cents!

David said...

Hi I didn't realise you'd put this up as well or that you were already aware of the Chapter iTunes option.
So basically since you 'hate paying for MP3' you are happy to facilitate people pirating music that is available through a legitimate channel. But the CD with otherwise unreleased tracks and sleeve notes etc is still available as well. I reckon this is a pretty poor showing. If people were purchasing the songs through iTunes or as a CD then Andrew Wilson would get a royalty and Chapter Music might get some money back on an investment that probably wasn't so lucrative. The way you have it set up people get an inferior product but they get it for nothing. In this case you are not sticking it to the man, you're sticking it to the artist, with a bunch of self-proclaimed fans standing around saying it's cool. How many reasons would you like me to list as to why this is bad behaviour. It's not my call but I think you should take all these Andrew Wilson songs down.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi David what you are reading is Chucks comments reguarding this material, I guess Chuck is talking about Mp3s through Itunes and not the cd format.
Chuck has contributed to this blog more than any other and has proved invaluable.
I'm sure he can speak for himself however.
We arnt about ripping artists off around here, I shall leave that to the record companies.
I run this blog and will remove anything when asked by the artist, I would think a few tracks from inferior source would be good advertisting, however you don't.
I think it is possible that someone listening to these tracks may well go and buy the expanded cd which is not for download here!
I find your tone quiet rude however
I shall remove all links and will consider deleting the posts all together.

chuck said...

part 2 word count too high :)

8. last week i noticed via feedjit that mtv has linked this site to its blog. a nice tip of the hat to all of bob's hard work over the last few years but a sign that this little group of music fans trading old memories and filling in gaps of their own vast collections may soon be over.... or maybe some of the artists here can receive some form of new interest in old works. nothing lasts forever i guess, i just hope all those who pop into the striped sunlight sound can have a say without throwing rocks and accusing me of being one of "a bunch of self-proclaimed fans standing around saying it's cool." often when im being cool im sitting , not standing. just for the record....

9. I once borrowed an okish book about the go-betweens from a friend... never paid for it. I think google has some free excerpts online if ppl wanna check it out for FREE.

chuck said...

hmmmm where do i start on this one ........

1. Bob is not my keeper and nor am I his keeper.

2. fans of music swap sounds and ideas and introduce new things and share the joy of common tastes. This has always happened. Years ago i would make dodgy tapes from dodgy equipment that would be inferior in audio quality but would share the sounds and hopefully inspire a friend to go out and buy it themselves if possible. I knew it was evil. sometimes the record cover would tell me it was evil. sometimes i couldnt sleep well the next night.

3. I've always thought mp3s are shit quality, especially anything ripped under 256k. I have until this time in place refused to spend money on purchasing mp3 files. I hope i can repeat this claim on my deathbed. It is my personal preference and nothing more. The day the "MAN" starts selling me a lossless format via the internet i will show some interest in parting with my cash.
Dear mr itunes - stop spreading crap files in your business model. explore the .flac or .shn compression. yes it works.
leave the mp3 for ppl on 56k modems or fan sites like striped to share stage 1 of some tunes for ppl to further investigate, or in some case be the only way of hearing a rare piece of music they could only previously read about.

4. do i have any mp3s? yes shitloads. the ease of storage. the pleasure of having a portable record collection in a thing thats smaller than a pack of winnie blue. why the hell wouldnt ya. Did i download some of these of the internet? yes . shitloads. Did i ever buy a record or a cd? yes . shitloads. Im a fan of music and ive spent more than i should have on any hobby over the last 30 years of music purchasing. Have i finished spending on music? no, im afraid its never ending.

5. would i tomorrow send away $20 to chapter music for the cd with extra tracks and liner notes and all the good vibes of making a small independent label and an artist that little bit richer.?... and well knowing that production costs may have never broken even and all interested parties can finally feel like they are chipping away at that bad debt from last century. yes. I spent some effort on the google and the internet archive trying to find out more about this artist, only to find the cd had existed but sadly was no longer available.
when i sent bob this file i also sent all the chapter music details/ links i had found for HIS information, and should he choose to post this on his fantastic non for profit fan site, a chance to show any of the stripey fans an avenue to purchase the artists work.
I didnt expect him to include the " i never pay for mp3" comment but hell, see number 1 about that.

6.Did i ever think someone would come up with the four gods single for posting. no. was i happy as a pig in shit when mr.k. came up with the goods? fuk yeah. and then another frontier scouts post by another sss fan does start to seriously affect any itune sales i agree and am happy that the links are down for andrew wilsons sake. It is one thing to introduce ppl to artists they may have not known b4 but posting their lifes work is a rough deal. When i heard steves mystery post... an old fanzine/ tape with an interview of andrew about this very single i thought it was worth a post even though i was well aware of its itune availability. I am evil. I will live forever in hell fire for both sticking it to the man and the common man. spank me .. please spank me. o0o yeah - just one more time please....

7. would i have ever paid mr itunes for the four gods single? I seriously thought about it for weeks. way too much for the 2 x 0.99cents it would have cost me. If i saw it in a collectors shop in 7 inch pic cover for $100 i would have snapped it in a flash. another able label in the house would have made my week.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Here Here!
Much better said than by me Chuck,
I should hope we have cleared that up and everyone knows what we are on about around here.
I have had many more artist contact me through this blog that were over joyed by the interest in their music, that is now maybe over 20 years old, than those who wernt happy with what was going on.
Only a handfull has asked me to remove anything
and only one take down notice from a record company, out of heaps of posts
Some have even sent me their own music to post here.
So I can sleep at night,
but spank me if you wish!

chuck said...

consider yourself spanked u naughty naughty naughty boy!

damn id already ripped a wadley bros mini lp - gatekeepers - indoors.....
U think david will take offence at that one too?

David said...

Dear Bob and Chuck
I spend too much time getting annoyed at things on the internet, and occasionally I make the mistake of posting comments without thinking them through completely.

The first thing I have to do is make three apologies for mistakes. One is in attributing something Chuck wrote to Bob – obviously I didn’t read as closely as I thought I had. The second is in trying a trick that I associate with Popeye’s cowardly friend Whimpey: ‘Let’s you and him fight’. That is, I’m not the injured party here (in fact I doubt any parties are injured). I am also sorry that I reduced it to a silly argument about depriving musicians of money. What I would like is to have a more reasonable discussion about this, a little along the lines of my queries when you put up the Crabstick and Blairmailer albums a year or so ago, which I do have part ownership of but had no special artistic input into.

I totally understand, and appreciate, the purpose of your site. I also admire the diverse range of material you put up and make available, and obviously a lot of this stuff is my vintage so I appreciate its appeal and you give things you and I both like wider exposure and that’s great. If you take it to be like a kind of variation on a public radio station or playing records for friends in your living room then who could object? Also the fact that everyone else is doing it makes it silly to make a fuss about someone doing it who obviously shows good taste and enthusiasm.

David said...

Pt 2

I would just like to see you explain your moral position, Bob. You occasionally take swipes at record companies, I guess because you see them as exploiting artists for money. What makes Striped Sunlight Sound different from a record company is clearly that no money changes hands and we all respect you for your dedication and the time you put into making it a good looking well-run user friendly and popular site. But putting that aside, aren’t you behaving like the record companies you despise in using artists’ work without them having any kind of say? You say (and I’m sure it’s true) that artists often contact you saying they’re flattered and pleased to see their stuff on SSS. I have had a little involvement with the reissue label Aztec and I gather that the same is the case when Aztec buys the rights to reissue a record and then contacts the artist (when they can find him or her) to say, your album from 1973 is coming out: people are often pleased and feel validated. But I think you could make your production absolutely squeaky clean by going one better and giving the artist the option of saying no beforehand. As I said with the Crabstick thing, if you’d asked me before you put it up, I would have been amused and pleased that someone was interested enough to listen to that album from beginning to end, let alone digitize it and put it online and I would have said not only yes but also thank you. Discovering this had happened some months after the fact gave me a slightly different feeling, and in truth while I’m sorry I came across as rude yesterday I think it’s a little rude to digitize someone else’s music without asking them in cases where it would be totally simple to track them down and mention it. I now have no control over who or how many people get a ‘rip’ of that record. Crabstick is a bad example because I am sure there aren’t ten people who would care at all about that album, and I’m not a good example because (despite all my argy bargying) I don’t consider myself a musician and I am not very precious about these things or what happens to them. However I guess what it does come down to for me is: to what extent do you think the artist should have control over their product? It’s all very well to say that once someone unleashes something into the world it’s the world’s; even putting aside money considerations, none of us really believe that.

Ultimately all I’m saying is that there’s no particular need for you to operate under the wire. You should try to contact the people whose music you put online, before you put it online, and ask them if they mind. Many of them you won’t be able to find; that’s a perfectly legitimate legal (and moral) defense. But some you would and it would be really interesting for you to talk with those people and get good background information for when you’re introducing the stuff to the wider world. You could also alert your readers to things the artists in question are currently doing, which they might be interested in.

Don’t you think that would improve SSS and increase good vibes? I’d like to hear from you both about this.

Oh and one more thing: you’re right, the Amateurism cd is no longer available. Perhaps this is one more example of me not reading something properly. I did follow links on the Chapter site yesterday and it seemed to be giving me the option of buying the CD, but now I see on the album description itself the clear message in capitals that it’s sold out. I didn’t see that yesterday.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

David , I guess my moral position is as simple as this music is old, unavaiable and obscure.
I think I cross the line more on the live recording thing actually.
Once again however these artists are not big players, not known even here in Australia often and the site has a world wide following.
I dont post the entire back catalog and often just rare hard to get stuff.
The Gobs are a case in point, I could have posted all their albums but havent posted one.
I have posted heeps of Gobs stuff but its not the offical releases.
I'm just a fan who loves their work.
I hope I have turned some people on to this and many other great bands so they can go track down their stuff. Thats the difference between me and a record company, Im only doing this cause I love the music, a mans gotta have a hobby! I have had some artists contact me and send me stuff to post, I have some great stuff coming up but wont let the cat out yet. I guess it sounds very difficult to contact artists all the time, some of these people would be easier than others and I have been in contact with quiet a lot. Any way its all a bit organic this blog thing, it meanders and grows and heads of in directions I would never have guessed.
I just hope it makes the internet a bit more interesting for someone.
Now record companies, I'm sure you know how broke the Gobetweens were, having to tour constantly, even at the end.
I know from one artist I admire greatly, who was close with the Gobs in the early days, whos record company(big indy aust Company)payed him nothing in royalties. I know they are a necessary evil and some are even very nice, like say Factory records and we may have never heard many many bands at all if it wasnt for these companies,
but some stories convince me how they have no respect for artists and their work.
The truth is many artists have no ownership of the music they have written and often no say in the direction they may wish to go.
Michelle Shocked is a good case in point and mercury records a good example of what is wrong with these companies.
To quote ed kuepper, when asked what he thought of I'm stranded being used on a comp album called "greatest beer drinking songs"
he said he had no control over that, let young people be aware when you sign a contact it may be a good idea to know what your signing.
However that said I will praise a good record company when I see one and there are good ones.

chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chuck said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mona said...

Boys, boys, boys...
You ALL need a good spanking LOL!

Duncan said...

Hey - great to be able to hear the song on YouTube at least.

For me, living half a world away, this blog has given me back a chunk of my youth. I was so excited when I saw the banner, as I'd been searching for the State of Emergence for years! Being able to hear obscure material that probably only meant something to a few thousand of the people who listened to ZzZ in the late 80s has unlocked memories for me.

It has also unlocked my wallet. I would never have known that Shocker! from the Pineapples was "back in print" without this site - and I never paid attention to Ed Kuepper before the SSS convinced me.

I don't download half the stuff on this blog as I don't have the time and energy Bob does, but I really appreciate what I do find here and where it sends me looking next, in the record shops of the world - and maybe even back to live music.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Duncan, your comments are a great defence of what blogs like this can do

chuck said...

As flagged in my previous comment, ive deleted it, as it was a rush response primarily for davids sake as im not sure he would pop in again to read this thread when i had time to sit in front of a computer again and write something more considered and constructed.. not to mention check it for speiling misstakes (fully sic. bro)

I certainly have no need or intention to demonise the davids of this world for raising legitimate concerns and i hope this thread doesnt devolve into that. This david in particular has well earnt his stripes for a lifetime of aiding and abetting the very niche of music that gets featured here in sss.

As mentioned in the deleted comment i find sss a fragile beast not without its faults and my main concern is giving it some time to mature into something that davids would feel proud of. At the moment its a no-budget hobby by a man with a full time job and family to
compete time with; with the aid of a few e-friends contributing when their time permits. One thing leads to another. From little things big things grow.

What struck me not long after finding the sss blog was its amazing potential as a sociological and musicological research document to be reflected on and considered for generations to come, with the aid of the internet archive. A long bow to draw maybe for some objectionists but still my opinion. is a tool ive used many times for recovering old fan sites taken down by other blog providers or record company lawyers. Hopefully the sss blog will always be available on its own merit but on the archive can still be found
forever. The music file links will sadly disappear long b4 this but its word and art contents logged existence is better than nothing.

Ive written about this b4 on other comments pages in the context of sss being a living book with a soundtrack. dubious in many ways but freeer in speech in many more ways because of it.
Books by nature have many restrictions in size and available research etc. 300 pages and chapters having restrictions of content to bring about a readible product that has business potential.
clinton walkers amazing book - stranded should be read by anybody visiting here but is a very personal account by one man who happened to place himself within the fire of activity. a fantastic bonus for readers but 300 pages isnt nearly enough to cover all that went on in that period. but it does make a sellible and readible book. Who would pay for a 20 000 page 10 volume set? well i would but i think im a bit special like that. I dont think many publishers would touch it with a 20 000 foot pole.

equally andrew staffords book - pig city is a worthy read more from an outsiders response to a scene he is passionate about. Not your fault you were born in the wrong city andrew. still restricted to 300 pages and the research that he found available.

I'm also a big fan of rock documentaries but these also have many limitations in content time positions and quality control and securing rights and pandering to an imaginary audience etc.

chuck said...


This is where something like an sss blog can slot in and be an amazing avenue for anybody to have a say in comments about their own experiences or preferences if they want.There are 2 million stories in the big city and one of em isnt enough. Sadly most ppl just want something for free in a few clicks time and if excited may flick a quick thank you. Sadly 20 or 50 words is a big effort for most in this day and age but those who have something to say can now have an opportunity in this arena. ALL HAIL THE BLOG!

What happened in brisbane from the seventies into the nineties deserves to be preserved and reflected on. The mix of a ridiculous government and a small town's growing pains and the
music that was happening needs every avenue of documentation. If in a hundred years time when los brisvegas holds the population of australia now, and social and music historians need to research it, i dont think a few books and the disgusting courious snail media of the time will do it justice. I dont think just looking at the microcosm of brisbane
without its national context is fair either and the oz music found here is well placed. Indeed as many fans of sss blog are international i think many brisneyland experiences can be pondered upon or extrapolated into their own uses. I dream of a day when a young burmese punk rocker dloads tony kneipps classic pig city and writes his/ her own version for a burmese audience... or a chinese equivalent or a russian.. all over the world there are pricks worth kicking against. it could be argued that they could have bought the song on a compilation album over the net if it was available. But i think the cover found here on sss is worth a look at in context of the song and those are rarely found intact on compilation cds. maybe they could have bought it on ebay but at a guess only a few hundred
were ever produced and much less probably still have covers intact. holy crap.. a goat molesting police commissioner with a tommy gun playing moles n gangstars on the cover, who later does years in jail for being found guilty of corruption and when freed lodges a compensataion claim for how many millions on an imagined technicality. Its only been 20 years and none of the kids can imagine this has happened. Im not even going to touch Joh on this post. Brisneyland has sooo many stories to tell before senility slips in and the repeat cycle starts again...
"pig city" is a bit of a "glory" example to use but i think many of the small players deserve an equal showing and again the sss blog gives that avenue very few media contructs can accommodate.

The free music is a bit of a honeypot to attract ppl i guess but is also integral to the grand scheme of things here. Sadly some may feel violated for its inclusion without prior permission but i hope they wish to participate when they get a feel for whats really happening here. Others are certainly welcome to complain and the links ive noticed
disappear within the next log-in that bob makes and he is happy to comply without complaints.
As for a loss of revenue argumant i think most quick clickers will only listen once or twice and feel good they have a sizeable hard drive full of sounds they rarely use.
Today its a standard course of action for many to dload a cd or song to see its merit and then later purchase it if enthused. I didnt invent this behaviour but to deny its existence is madness.
In any future contributions I make to the blog ill try extra hard to include as many links as possible to give the clickers an easy avenue of purchasing a similar product.

viva le blog!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Fantastic work Chuck, I agree completely, I consider this blog thing as I said, to be an organic grassroots project, its never been just about links to downloads like so many mp3 blogs are, or my record reviews like some others.
Its a growing living thing that anyone can add to and a little internet community of likeminded nutters.