Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 07 Cassette Magazine

Fast Forward issue 007 has some great stuff but most
notable is the Laughing Clowns interview and live
recording of Collaspe Board. This song featured as a
highlight at the recent Clowns gigs, now you can hear
it as it was in 1981

Thanks again to Steve for the artwork and picking up
the missing song problems.

Track list
01 - Jeff Ansell - The Doomsday Demagnetizer
02 - Steve Adams' Park Drive - Spy Theme
03 - John Lydon interview
04 - Ronnie & The Rhythm Boys - I Wanna Be
Your Girlfriend

05 - Winchell's Donut Corp. - Halloween Fun
06 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know
07 - Crackajacks - Shorty The Barber
08 - Two Way Garden - We've Just Fallen
09 - Laughing Clowns - Interview
10 - Laughing Clowns - Collapse Board
(Live, 12 Sep 1981)

11 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The Missing
Leave It To Beaver (Part 4)

12 - Audio Arts - Interview with Bill Furlong
13 - Tiny Holes - Walking On Air
14 - Sunday Painters - Interview
(includes track 'Lake')

15 - Sunday Painters - The Outsiders
16 - Johnny Topper - Did You Know
17 - Village People - A Big (new) Wave & Howdy
18 - Pete Best Beatles - Citizens Dance
19 - Pete Best Beatles - Dance Song
20 - Jeff Ansell - Our Man, Jim

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Baskingshark said...

The next Fast Forward (008/009) was a double issue, and the first to have a full booklet instead of just a poster.

I'll do some scans over the next day or two.

Cheers, Steve

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Steve, looking "forward" to it

Baskingshark said...

Here's the link to the artwork for Fast Forward 008/009:

I no longer seem to have the booklet or wallet for FF010, so I don't know whether anyone else might be able to help with scans for that.

Issues 011 through 013 I have though.

Cheers, Steve

Michael said...

I was very happy to finally get a chance to hear the Sunday Painters bits. I've been fortunate to find the main Painters releases, but the cassette stuff (they did some live tapes, and a bunch of stuff on 'zine comps) has been harder to find. Thinking about a reissue collection, so if any Sunlight readers have access to any of that less common material (or just any graphics associated with the band), I'd love to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, greetings from Belgium!

Thanks for the Pete Best Beatles tracks! I'm desperately searching for songs ofthis band, which I remember from John Peel playing them quite frequently. "Alamain Train", or something. Do you own records of this band?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No sorry I haven't