Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fast Forward 004 cassette magazine

Some nice stuff in this edition, Rowland S. Howard's
Young Charlatans performing his song Shivers.
Not Australian but an interview with
the fantastic John Cooper Clark.
Even an Adam and the ants special!

Fast Forward 004 cassette magazine April 1981
01. Artificial Organs - "Fast Forward Theme"
02. Introduction
03. (Cough Cough) - Interview & 2 tracks
(Study For Falling Apart & Take Me)

04. Johnny Topper - "Did You Know?"
05. Young Charlatans - "Shivers"
06. Interview John Cooper Clarke
07. The Residents (Missing Link Records Ad)
08. Johnny Topper - "The Case Of Missing Leave It To Beaver"
serial pt 1

09. Adam & The Ants Special
(Interview with Adam's Aussie Uncle)

10. Peter Lillie - "Endless Twist"
11. Interview Pere Ubu
12. Johnny Topper - "Did You Know?"
13. Ria and the Normal "CD-CA"
14. The Residents (Missing Link Records Ad)

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Baskingshark said...

Hi Bob,

I'll scan a couple more issues of FF over the weekend.

In the meantime, however, I was wondering if you or any of your readers can help me identify a mystery cassette I've had lying around for over 25 years.

It's something I bought from a bargain bin in an independent record store (probably in Brisbane) in around 1983-84. The tape is black and has no distinguishing features except a $3.50 price tag. It may have originally come with a magazine, but I just got the cassette.

The bands I recognise on the tape (Frontier Scouts, Pork & Four Gods) are from Brisbane, so I guess it may be a Brisbane only comp.

I've never seen this tape listed anywhere (and I have looked).

Anyway, if anyone knows what it might be or feels like a bit of a challenge, or is just plain curious, here's a link:

Cheers, Steve

Baskingshark said...

Here's a link to the artwork for Fast Forward Issues 005 & 006:
Cheers, Steve

bazzil said...

Thanks again for posting these I remember seeing these in a little clothes shop down the back of Elizabeth arcade back when it existed (I bought Steven Herrick's first 2 poetry books there) they were a great way to hear some of the bands who's names you heard of but had no recordings released.

bob nebe said...

Your welcome,
More coming Bazzil.
I use to love that arcade,
its still fairly cool

Dead EyesOpened said...

Bob or Steve, do you have any more from "cough cough" seminal Canberra experimental band with Cathy Green (drummer, later went to Sydney's X)?

They only released 2 cassette's "No1" and "Conflict", saw these guys at Canberra's "Cock & Bull" with (maybe) Boys Next Door or Models at one point.

bob nebe said...

Sorry Dead Eyes, I dont have those cassettes, maybe Steve or someone else

Baskingshark said...

The only other "cough cough" tracks I have are two more live songs on Fast Forward 013 ('Jungle Song' and 'Enfante') and the version of 'Study for Falling Apart' that made it onto the recent(ish) Inner City Sound Comp CD.

Cheers, Steve

Clownfish said...

Wow, thanks for posting this one. I've actually got a copy, and I desperately wanted to digitise the Young Charlatans track off it, but the tape keeps fucking up in my deck.

Muchas gracias!