Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fast Forward Issue 06 Cassette Magazine

Issue 06 of the Fast Forward casszine has some notable
tracks. Top of the list is the interview with Rob and Grant
of the Gob's complete with 3 very rare live tracks.
Almost 20 minites of Gob's pleasure!
Also tracks from the Primitive Calculators and
Hunters & Collectors make thiswell worth the
download, also includes scans of the 13 page booklet.

Track List
01 - Architecture - Theme Song
02 - Jeff Ansell - F.A.T.E
03 - Clue A
04 - Pep Lester - Do It Yourself
05 - Intro
06 - Go-Betweens
(Interview - includes songs 'Karen', 'One Word' &
'If One Thing Can Hold Us' from 3PBS-FM)
07 - Clue B
08 - Primitive Calculators - The Glitter Kids
09 - Johnny Topper - The Case Of The Missing
Leave It To Beaver (Part 3)

11 - Clue C
12 - Hunters & Collectors - World Of Stone (Demo)
13 - Interview with 'Postcard Records'
14 - Clue D
15 - Theme

Download Here


Baskingshark said...

Here's a link to the artwork for FF007:

Cheers, Steve

Anonymous said...

Cool! I use to buy a lot of these types of things (cassette + zines, flexidiscs, vinyl magazines, etc.) But since I'm American, we never got this, so it's nice to discover -- thanks!

Um, is track 10 from FF#6 missing, or is that just a typo?

Baskingshark said...

Track 10 appears to be missing from the download. It's a piece on the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre.

Here's a link to missing track:


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks guys Ive fixed the upload now