Saturday, February 27, 2010

Frontier Scouts - Museum Collection EP

Steve has ripped this EP from the Frontier Scouts from his
vinyl copy, Thanks Steve.

Track List
01 - Soul Too Sold
02 - A Fact Unknown, Even To You
03 - Under The Wings Of
04 - You Should Be Shot
05 - Like In Salem


Z50A said...

Have original 80's Bris vinyl to share, leave an email address or something on your blog so we can contact you. Z50A Honda. Would love to chat.

PS. Grew up across the the street from Ups and Downs and around the corner from Ed. Oxley rocks!

bob nebe said...

Hi Z50A, always happy to find more willing contributors and esp those with heaps of Bris vinyl.
Contact me on facebook or myspace.
facebook is better I read that all the time
otherwise you can email me on
and leave a message here because I rarly look at that
ciao bob

David Nichols said...

As per the 4 Gods single, this stuff is actually available in proper remastered form from original tapes, rather than via vinyl rip, and it would be better to make the purchase to benefit the artist... I know I sound like an old crank and as I have said here before I am as likely to grab stuff from wherever as anyone else, but in this case there is a chance to get a better product effectively direct from the artist...