Saturday, February 6, 2010

Growing pains - various m squared bands

"... Experimental music is fine by me, but once you go into the
studio and start cutting the marketable product,
surely you need to have your musical strategies organised
and understood." - Roadrunner November 1980

This starts a trend at M Squared for releasing compilations of
wide ranging sounds and ideas from various bands and hybrids.
You can't please all the people all the time.
Contains the track that gave the name to The Makers of the
Dead Travel Fast and an off the wall Stones cover from those
northern beaches' favourites The Barons.
Some record stores objected to the cover image.

12 inch compilation EP - released October 1980


01 - Pussman polka - Pleasant Peasants
02 - Paint it black - The Barons
03 - Midnight on balancing day - Systematics
04 - Yvonne is out again - EST
05 - Girl from Ipanema - Height / Dismay
06 - Bent Up - Scattered Order
07 - Dead travel fast - The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast

Download no longer available due to re-release

Track Yvonne is out again not re-released
is available below


Roger said...

Thanks for this, Bob. Haven't heard it for years, and my old copy was so crackly. Certainly ahead of its time and well beyond the realms of commercially viable.

bob nebe said...

Your welcome Rodger, I have a few compilations coming up and another m squared comp next

Mitch Jones said...

Could you please remove the "Growing Pains" downloads from "That Striped Sunlight Sound". These tracks have only just been released on the M Squared CD box set "Terrace Industry". While we appreciate your contribution in keeping this music alive we think in this case where the material is available again, your timing is a bit unfair on the artists involved.

Mitch Jones
M Squared

bob nebe said...

Talk about bad timing, sorry I didnt know that, it not something I was expecting. I shall remove the download link. Hope to not upset your fine label again!

Mitch Jones said...

Thanks Bob for acting so swiftly.

Owen said...

I just checked my M-Squared CD box (a fantastic package that every reader of this blog should own!) and it appears that one track from this compilation did not make the cut - EST's "Yvonne is Out Again".

Any chance of re-posting just that one track? If that's ok with the M-Squared folk.


Holly said...

I too own the FANTASTIC Terrace Industry box set, and I second that request for Yvonne Is Out Again! :-)

bob nebe said...

Ive uploaded the EST track with link on the post