Friday, February 12, 2010

Holus Bolus - Cassette

One of my favourite contributors to the SSS blog, Steve aka
Duckdogtwo, has sent me this fantastic, rare, cassette
complete with art. Another one of these cassette music
"Casszines" which has some great tracks and interviews.
Steve has spilt all the tracks, making some 40 in all.
Great casszine, a lot of work went into this.
Most exciting is the Tangled Shoelace's stuff and
by some coincidence an interview with Mitch Jones,
M2 founder who I know has been reading this blog.
Thank You Steve for this wonderful Cassette that now
enters the digital age.

Download Here


yclept said...

Wow Bob - totally gobsmacked this has surfaced. Killer blog! Well done.

Paul [author of Holus Bolus]

Anonymous said...

this tape possibly made by Paul Gough aka Pimmon - just sayin'.

yclept said...

Yes Anonymous, that be him.

Tape was originally packaged in a styrofoam meat track and wrapped in plastic.

chuck said...

hmmm a cassette magazine in a meat tray... hmmmmm

maybe its a victorian thing..

anyhoo ..nice magazine and im happy its found a second life here on sss so i can enjoy it :)

viva la killer blog!

Bob Nebe said...

Back up