Friday, April 9, 2010

Bailey & Kuepper (The Saints) May Shows

Bailey & Kuepper – two names that are synonymous with quality
music of antipodean origins.
Both gentlemen being of course two of the founding members
of the Brisbane band that lit the fuse of what exploded into Punk:
The Saints.
Highly successful recording artists both as solo artists and as
leaders of bands, each with a vast back catalogue of solo and group
recordings, humongous if combined.
Chris Bailey has continued recording and touring all over the world
for the last two and half decades both as a solo artist and with the
Saints. In addition he is the lead singer in the General Dog,
has been a special guest on many a recording and has lent his skills
as a producer to other artists.
Ed Kuepper also has a much lauded history as a solo artist and with
his bands; Laughing Clowns and The Aints. He has worked as a
producer with other artists as well as composing several
soundtracks. Kuepper joined Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds in
2009 and continues to tour and record with his current backing
band the Kowalski Collective. Australian audiences last saw
both gentlemen reunited upon the stage as ‘The Saints’ for the
‘All Tomorrow’s Parties’ Festival early 2009.
We are happy to announce Messrs Bailey & Kuepper are planning a
Grand Tour of musical soirees together. They will be performing not
only a selection from their collaborative works, but will also draw
from their respective solo recordings.

Prior to setting off on the road, this selection of songs will be
stripped back, reworked and recorded for release as an acoustic
offering via the infamous and esteemed Liberation Blue label.
Ladies and gentlemen: we are thrilled to confirm that
Bailey & Kuepper will present their music soirees on the same
day each week, at the same venue, thrice during the month of May
in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.


chuck said...

that is truely the most bizarre thing i've read in the last 3½ days..
who woulda thunk it.

im looking forward to the shows :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

It makes you wonder what all the people who believed the crap about them still hating each other durning the reunion shows will make of this.
They shall be spenting a bit of time together in may, but I think these shows will be very special

Anonymous said...

Knowing both of them, I find it completely believable that they do still hate each other and are doing this because they both have an extremely strange and perverse sense of what fun is.

chuck said...

LOL @ anon.

I cant help but wonder which one is the monkey and which one is the grinder in promo pic.

chuck said...

clowns at goma on dvd now :)