Saturday, April 10, 2010

Riptides Return To Brisbane

In case you haven't heard this fab news, I'm ripping off
Andrew Bartlett's post on his blog.
Chuck discovered this because Andrew had linked to a
Riptides post here, so I'm queots Andrew who is a
musician himself and big fan off all things cool.
Not to mention a one time Queensland Senator from 1997-2008.
Find Andrews original post here

Ground-breaking Brisbane band The Riptides, who
played an
influential role in the post-punk independent
music scene in
Brisbane and Australia, are reforming for
a one-off show at 4pm
on Sunday 18 April at the University
of Queensland’s Great Court.
It’s happening as part of the
University’s centenary celebrations.

The band was formed in the late 1970s by students at the
University, crystallising as The Riptides and releasing
their seminal
tune ‘Sunset Strip” as their first single
(actually originally released
just before a name change,
while the band was called The Numbers).

They had many line up changes over the 5 or so years of
their history,
featuring a range members who played in a
number of other influential
Australian bands.

Given The Riptides had such a movable feast of members,
I don’t know
as yet know who will be amongst their lineup
for this upcoming show,
but their singer and frontman,
Mark Callaghan, the main constant in the
will certainly front and centre again this time around.

Mark Callaghan gained greater commercial success with
But many Brisbane music fans – especially
of my vintage – still think

of him first and foremost as the singer from The Riptides.
The band reformed as one of the acts performing at the
Pig City show in
2007, headlined by the briefly reformed Saints.

Riptides Tommorrow's Tears


bobl said...

Gee wouldn't it be great if this one off went a bit longer than that and they ventured down here to Melbourne.

Dead EyesOpened said...

Great interview with Mark on 4ZZZ this morning. Covered a wide range of topics and he sounds enthused to be playing Riptides songs again, also his son will be on guitar, how cool is that?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I heard that interview, it was good.
His son played with them when they played here last time at pig city.
So whos planning on going?

shishkin said...

i'm there at UQ this sunday arvo!!