Friday, April 9, 2010

Rowland S Howard - Live at Ric's Bar 05

More fantastic stuff from Dj Wolf Trash.
I know this will get a few people excited!
Thanks Dj Wolf,
over to you.

Taken from a two night weekend residency at Ric's Bar
in Brisbane
in mid 2005. The legendary Rowland S. Howard
performs select
songs from his Teenage Snuff Film album.
Solo on the Saturday
night and backed by the Devistations
on the Sunday night.
The shows were dubbed night of the
living dead due to Rowlands
appearance and the older
crowd who came out of the woodwork

to see the performance.

- Recorded by dj wolf trash and judy jetson

Rowland S. Howard Solo - Ric's Bar Here

Download Rowland S. Howard & The Devistations - Ric's Bar Here


nekrodad said...

thanks a shit load for these shows , keep up the good work

shishkin said...

freakin brilliant stuff (:

Joe said...

Any chance for a reupload of the RSH & Devastations gig? There's something wrong with track 3 :( I've tried downloading it three times now, and every time I try unzipping it, it says track 3 is broken.

chuck said...

track 3 never worked for me either..

mr wolf , mr wolf - are u listening? a link for track 3 would be sweet :)

thanks for all the working tracks btw

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I'll reup I'm having a hard time getting sharebee to work hopefully its working today

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I forgot bout this, when I checked the original folder track is missing