Saturday, April 24, 2010

Live at The Station - Various Artists

A rare historic recording comes to us via Mark Ferrie who sent
me this album to share, thanks Mark.
Let me hand over to Mark to tell you all about it.

01 - Myriad - The Ballad Of The Station Hotel
02 - Myriad - Rock 'n' Roll Highway
03 - Myriad - Glenrowan
04 - Dingoes - Marijuana Hell
05 - Dingoes - When A Man Loves A Woman
06 - Saltbush - Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
07 - Saltbush - Stay All Night
08 - Wild Beaver Band - What Am I Doing Here
09 - Wild Beaver Band - How Come All You Dudes
Look Like Cowboys
10 - Wild Beaver Band - Messin' around The Town

This is a live recording from 1976 of various Melbourne groups
performing at the Station Hotel, Prahran. It originally came out
on the Lamington label and was produced by Keith Glass
(of Missing Link fame). The Station was the original inner city
rock pub venue in Melbourne, spawning a tradition that lasts
till this day (although certain new government legislation
is threatening to kill off this part of the city's culture vis.
the recent closing of the Tote).
This record also documents the first time Andrew Pendlebury
and I actually played together.

Mark Ferrie

Download Here


Marshall-Stacks said...

It was a great night and a legendary venue. My post here.

DoctorPepperOz said...

It was a fabulous night and I was there! in fact I wrote the liner notes and am listed as "Drunken Producer". Good on you guys for offering this lost classic as an upload. The Snakepit lives on forever through this record.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the download presents an error, telling me the "structure of the archive is damaged". This is a shame! While I can't say I was at The Station on this occasion, I was there many other times and I owned this album way back when. If there's any way it can be re-uploaded.....

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Back up Chris

MF said...

just caught the Dingoes at the Caravan Music Club... they are the real deal... the missing link in Oz rock history.