Friday, April 9, 2010

A Very Stooges Xmas

Are you ready for a wild time, dj wolf trash has sent me
some of his rare and exclusive recordings.
These 2 recordings are from this Dec 2006 show here
in Brisbane. Put em on and turn it up
Thanks Dj Wolf Trash for the recordings and
Lets hear from DJ!

A Very Stooges Xmas took place back in late 2006 at
The Troubadour with three of Brisbane's finest
rock'n'roll roll
bands paying tribute to the band they
love by covering the first
three Stooges albums in their
entirety. The Dangermen
[The Stooges], Hits [Fun House],
Giants of Science [Raw Power]

It was a unforgettable night of rock'n'roll that left ears
and livers destroyed.
Hope you enjoy the recording
- recorded by dj wolf trash and The Foundry
* The Dangermen recording was inaudible.

Download Giants Of Science Set Here

Download Hits Set Here


Hits said...


Anonymous said...

I remember this gig. It was so filthy stinking hot inside the Troubadour it rained inside. No joke. It was that sweaty in there it condensed and dripped back down from the ceiling.