Thursday, April 1, 2010

Shakedown Original Brisbane Punk 1979-83

Shake Records and Savage Music (essentially the same thing) was
the label run in Brisbane during the late '70s by David Holiday and
Peter Miller from Just Urbain, and Rod McLeod from the Young
Identities. The first release orchestrated by this brains trust was the
Cigarettes and Alcohol" 7" from local heroes The Leftovers.
With no-one within earshot waving chequebooks at them,
and having caught the DIY bug, they had nine releases in all,
eight 7"s and a live cassette. Roll call:
Just Urbain, Young Identities, Bodysnatchers and Kicks.

The bands here are among the most primitive, inept and snotty
DIY noiseto be found in Australia at the time. The singles sold
out their tiny handmade pressings (usually 100 to 200)
within months and quickly became highly sought-after.
These days they are next to impossible to find.
Almost the entire label's output is compiled here
(save a few songs from the Kicks cassette)

Thanks To Micheal for this great compilation of Brisbane bands.

Download Here


Anonymous said...

'ello Bob,
Thanx for this great chunk of Aussie wonder. I recently saw "X" (the real one) lol! I love the Los Angeles one dearly as well...Anyway, thank you again..Cheers,Rg

Dan G. said...

Is a fresh upload possible for this one? (Poor Sharebee...) I dug around and it looks like Dropkick Records, aside from a minimal lingering MySpace page, is totally defunct. Either way, thanks much for all the great music you've made available here.

Bob said...

Back Up!

Dan G. said...

Brilliant. Long familiar with the Young Identities, I was particularly eager to hear some of the Urbain/Urbane material I'd heard only in skip-tastic fidelity, if at all. And that stuff is ace. But everything else! Love the little Bodysnatchers single. And the Kicks are just, just...damn. How did I not know about the Kicks?! ('Cause I focus too much on '76-'80, that's why.) Well, this far surpassed even my great expectations. Deeply appreciated mate.

Anna Logue Records said...

I am eagerly seeking contact to Peter Miller - can anyone help out, please?
Thanks, Marc

cuorediformaggio said...

It would be great if you could reup this wonderful comp!

cuorediformaggio said...

It would be great if you could reup this wonderful comp!