Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Apartments - Live on the Outside (1990-91)

A rare treat I've been meaning to post, an Apartments bootleg.
As far as I know the only actual, bootleg of its type,
but I would be very happy to hear about others.
This CD contains tracks recorded live some 17 years ago in Sydney.
Tracks 1 - 11 are with a band playing at Harold Park Hotel on the
25/01/90 and
Tracks 12 - 16 are Peter Milton Walsh with Amanda Brown
(Ex-Go-Betweens) on the 22/02/91 at an unknown venue.
I saw Peter and Amanda play at a Spring Livid around this
time in Brisbane, with a lineup including Grant McLennan,
Steve Kilbey and Ed Kuepper, it was a show I won't forget.
Seeing Peter play then was the closest I thought I would
ever get to seeing the Apartments play.
I don't know if Peter and Amanda ever played any other gigs,
but it was wonderful and now you can hear what I'm talking about.
The band, by the way(I have on good authority),
includes Ed Kuepper on guitar.
If anyone has any extra information on this Cd
or Peter/Amanda performances let us know in the comments.

Theres some great information concerning the band and
Peter/Amanda performances in the comments thanks to Steve.

Track List

01-Calling on Jean
02-Staying Kind
03-Things You'll keep
04-On every Corner
05-The Shyest Time
06-Places where the Night is Long
07-Never Be Blue
08-All You Wanted
09-Can I Hide here
11-Please Don't Say Remember
12-World of Liars
13-Buried Treasure
14-On Every Corner
15-Believe in Me
16-Mr Somewhere

Download Here


Anonymous said...

This is the only show this lineup played and the only show (in Australia) Peter did to promote the Drift album.

The band was Ed Kuepper - guitar, Mark Dawson - drums and Mikey Couvret - bass. All were in Ed's The Yard Goes On Forever.

Peter and Amanda played around Sydney for a little while in 1991, often with a solo Dave Mason from the Reels. They were great and so was Dave Mason.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thank you Steve for your information
and helping fill the gaps.
Did you happen to get to this show?
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

I was at the Harold Park show, glad somebody taped it. Is it around in lossless audio?

Saw the Peter and Amanda at, I think The Argyle Tavern at The Rocks, The Metropole(?) in North Sydney and they were part of the acoustic night at the Paddington RSL where I suspect this recording is from.

I have a CD of two live gigs from London 1986. Audience but not bad.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Steve if you could share those gigs from London I would be in eternal debt to you, mp3 is fine unless you want to keep it lossless.
I downloaded this as is so I don't have the original, only mp3,sorry
ciao bob

Anonymous said...
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Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

thanks very much steve
ciao bob

Cherry Ghost said...

Hi, I would love to hear those gigs from London...

Anonymous said...

Great blog! Love Apartments...Do you have fete foraine by any chance? Would love to hear that. Hard to find...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

e6gMan , I do but I've been asked not to share any official apartments recordings.
I have permission to share this recording only I believe the apartments back catalog is to be re-released, I have no details when
or how however. Sorry
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Wow! Do you know what label will be releasing them? Bonus tracks as well? Thanks for all your great stuff! I've been a Aussie(?)fan for awhile. I'm a few years older than you, an English teacher in the US. Love Gobs(only saw Grant & Robert on a solo gig a few years back), Flying Nun stuff(Chills esp.), The Church,& Apartments(I first heard on Some Kind of Wonderful soundtrack)Love the jangly guitars & harmonies...

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No sorry no word yet, you have great taste in music however and if you look around this blog you should find heaps of stuff to your liking.
And loads of Gobs of course.
Always nice to hear from overseas fans of Australian stuff.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Uh guys I grabbed Fete Foraine on CD from Rockinghorse Records in Brisbane. They still have another copy of it and Apart if anyone is interested...


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks Bill for the heads up, I have both myself, but fantastic cds

George Loukakis said...

Any chance of re-uploading this bootleg? Thanks!

Bob Nebe said...

back up

George Loukakis said...

Many thanks, looking forward to hearing it!

George Loukakis said...

Tracks 1-3 are missing from the rar file (it starts from track 4). Cheers.

Bob Nebe said...

I just checked the folder I zipped and its the same, not sure what happened there but I seem to be missing them. I shall have to see if I can find em however at the moment thats the best I can do

Anonymous said...

Any chance of uploading again? Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Any chance of uploading again?


geololo said...

Hello, would it be possible to post this great recordings again ?
Thank you very much.
Great blog.

Christophe Baillot said...

Hi, could you please send me the download link by email ?

Uncle Pete said...

just witnessed The Apartments this weekend in Sydney damn fine group Peter, Amanda & Eliot Fish any chance of reupping this gig as have a taste for em

Tony Flanagan said...


any chance you can send download via e-mail?