Friday, April 18, 2008

Various Artists - Butter Beats Presents State of Origin (2006)

Butter beats is a record shop in Brisbane that in their words
specializes in graff , hip-hop, trance, reggae , rock and funk .
This 2006 double compilation Cd of Brisbane's finest hip hop
is a great listen. Including the fantastic "Winnie Coopers",
the brilliant "Indigenous Intrudaz", the very funny
"Ghosty" with the song "Socceroo Supporter" and
"Tom Thum" with his outstanding vocal talents,
Just too many to mention them all.
Loads of fine beats and grooves, with local references.
This is underground aussie hip hop,
you won't hear on JJJ
and a fantastic way to get a feel for this kind of thing.

Language warning again.

Download Here


mouts said...

Hey, any chance you can upload this again, the links don't work any more. It's a real pity this compilation was banned by Queensland Rail.

Bob said...

back up!

Anonymous said...

any chance of the link being put back up? cheers

Bob Nebe said...

back up