Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Winnie Coopers - Being Different

The Winnie Coopers are my favorite hip hop band, I love this stuff.
From the Gold coast, which is about a hour drive south of here in
Brisbane, these guys describe themselves like this.

Remember those students at school who sat down the front, finished their homework and joined the school council? Taunted. Rejected. Disillusioned. They now seek revenge in the form of the Gold Coast hip hop crew The Winnie Coopers. The project started in 2002 with founding member and vocalist The Educator and various collaborating friends. Since then, The Winnie Coopers has evolved into the current five piece line up comprised of Big Bad (turntables and percussion), Young Tubs (bass and vocals), The Educator, Eloquence (vocals and guitar) and Fingers Malone (drums).

This their first album, they have just released their 2nd,
is brilliant. Very funny, strong songs, positive message,
no swearing, it almost seems like it wouldn't appeal to
the hip hop market, but it does. Still very underground
they have achieved much while still holding day jobs
and young family commitments.

Even in their short history, The Winnie Coopers have some prize scalps to their name. This includes winning the inaugural Musicoz hip hop award for the song “Success”. These dweebs also won Triple J’s Hip Hop Show’s competition to support U.S. crew Ugly Duckling for their two sold out shows at The Revolver in Melbourne, October 2005. This in turn led to the track “Success” being placed on high rotation on Triple J and other national stations. Their hilarious film clips for “Success” and “Geek Manifesto” have also received frequent broadcasts on Rage and Channel V. The band has been touring and performing relentlessly up and down the east coast of Australia including a famous set at the Gold Coast Big Day Out, packing the Hot House stage with over 5,000 punters. The Winnie Coopers have shared the stage with the likes of Resin Dogs, Xavier Rudd, TZU, Bliss ‘n’ Eso, Regurgitator, Butterfingers, Koolism, Good Buddha and international supports for De La Soul and Ugly Duckling. In August 2006, the crew was invited to record a live set for JTV and Triple J’s Home and Hosed program at the ABC studios in Sydney as part of their extensive “Being Different Tour.”

The songs explore the geek growing up in Brisbane type
themes which I can relate to, their politics is low key,
but refreshing and their humorous lines, of which there
are many, makes this the kind of Lp that makes you smile.
Their song "Success" is fantastic, check it out.

Success - Winnie Coopers

1300 techniques to impress nerds and geeks
got enough flavor to last all 52 weeks
this one goes out to those fixated with green
who spend their spare time counting their beans
and it seems that all of us are
just fiends who have different goals
and share different dreams
but you wont find joy in a packet of pay
there’s a void in your life
‘cause you ’re created that way

You think money brings true happiness
I guess it depends how you measure success,
I can still breathe I am still blessed,
I guess it depends how measure success,
cause all these possessions just don’t impress

Of mice and men from Barbie to Ken
people go crazy for moula and yen
and the rupees got lots of groupies
who think that currency will eventually please
and ease this feeling of discontent
but when the dough’s spent
and all the joy went out the door
like before so you go get some more
some people were happier when they were poor
you wonder why your life's in a mess
I guess it depends how you measure success

So to what do you give your devotion?
Do you just aspire for another promotion

what legacy will you leave when you go?
Cause we only reap what we only sow…

And I don’t think its funny
how we worship sport and money
putting up casinos in the land of milk and honey
on sunny days you can’t put a price
life is so short and you can’t come back twice
so maybe place value on the things that will last
the future is yours the past
is the past those who hate their clothes
should be happy they’re dressed
I guess it depends how you measure success

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Anonymous said...

I know I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but come on man, 128bps? It sounds compressed as hell.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

sorry bout that but I didn't rip it myself and until I buy the cd thats
the best I got.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

HaHa Bobby i Finally got the Coopers Album and how i love it

Cheers Bill

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Billy I could of given it to you at work tomorrow, after all you introduced me to the world of aussie hip hop
ciao bob