Thursday, April 24, 2008

Redgum - Cut to the Quick EP

"Cut to the Quick" was released in 1982 after their brilliant 3rd
album, a 4 track Ep it shows the beginnings of Redgum's
maturing with Hugh McDonalds "Diamantina Drover,"
a true masterpiece.
A live vesion of this song turns up on "caught in the act"
along with "Fabulon"
"Where ya gonna run to" is from the previous release
"Brown rice and Kerosene."
This stripped down version of "Working girls" is only found here ,
a reworked version appearing on "Frontline"
and "Fabulon" and "Diamantina Drover" are re-released on the
2004 - Against the Grain - The Redgum Anthology
This copy has been ripped from my vinyl copy.

Download Here


bikeboy said...

Great site Bob. Cn you fix the Cut To The Quick ep link?

bob nebe said...

Z shares been down a couple of days now but is back now, I just tried the link and she works,
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

G'day Bob, Could not download this from Z-Share, is there a problem again??

bob nebe said...

Im reuping the file zshare lost all my links and while Ive reuped many
I only do so on request.
Don't stay anonymous, promise i wont bite
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

I have it on vinyl and love the long play versions and have been lookign for digital versions for ages. I have a few albums that I haven't found on CD etc and thsi is one I am after, not having turntable etc to burn my own now. Can you fix the link so I can download? Thanks Chris

Ken said...

Hi Bob - I've been trying to replace my lost Redgum after a storage theft. Thanks. I notice Working Girls suffers badly from 2 types of distortion. One is input clipping, which I've repaired and can send you a better copy if needed. However there is still an amount of severe mid-range distortion thoughout. Not sure if its record damage, a worn needle or a transfer mismatch artefact. Any clues. Everything else sounds great. email kcdNULL1961@gmailDOTcom minus the NULL.