Friday, April 25, 2008

Robert Forster - Instore Rocking Horse Records Brisbane 26-04-08

Finally the release of the long awaited solo album from Robert Forster
and the world premier of tracks from the Lp.
Robert accompanied by Adele Pickvance were in fine form, playing 3
tracks from the Evangelist and 6 Go-between tracks.

I managed to record the proceedings on a camera with which I
videoed the gig and extracted the audio.I missed the beginning
of the first song and the 4th song all together.
The video is not the best quality, I may post a song
or something if theres enough interest.

I managed to get my copy of the new CD signed and a copy I'm giving
to a friend tonight for his 40th, signed
"Happy 40th To Mick Have A Good Time"
I think thats pretty cool.
I'm not posting the Album, if you want that look around.
I've had a copy since the start of March,
But I am posting the striped sunlight exclusive
Todays Rocking Horse instore appearance.

Track List

Robert Forster 26-4-08 Brisbane
Instore Appearance Rocking Horse Records

01 - Born To A Family (cut)
02 - If It Rains
03 - Demon Days
04 - Did She Overtake You(missing)
05 - Darlinghurst Nights
06 - I'm All Right
07 - Here Comes the City
08 - Clouds
09 - German Farmhouse

Download Here


Inkster said...

Hi, Bob

I have posted a review of the album on my blog:


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Great review and nice blog Ive added you to my list of great blogs and from Brisbane too
ciao bob

misha said...

Thanks a lot, bob. Really appreciated.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No problem Misha I'm glad you can get an idea of what it was like
ciao bob

yob_tva said...

it's interesting that robert continues his association with rocking horse, both he and grant used to trade in their record company freebies on a weekly basis at the second hand section.

i wonder what they respectively spent their money on.

they also signed a large number of copies of the gobees video, after which your blog is named.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I suppose rocking horse is a Brisbane institution and for many years was the only place you could buy all the good stuff.
On the other hand I you don't see say Ed Kuepper releasing his latest with and instore appearance at rocking horse.
Thats a very funny story about the record company freebies did you work there or something?
ciao bob

Ed said...

Thanks for posting this - you've saved me some money! I was hoping to see Robert play live if he toured, but having heard this I think I'll give it a miss.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I imagine he'll have the the whole band with him when he tours, most likely glen and adele and possibly
another drummer with glen on bass.
So I wouldn't write him off on the basis of this performance.All of the shows rob played last year and for 9 months of this year have been in Brisbane, I think this tour is the first time hes played outside of Brisbane since grants death.
I'll be seeing the august gig, hes fantastic with a band

Heres the tour dates

Forthcoming shows

15th August 2008 Brisbane, Australia: The Powerhouse
26th September 2008 London, England: Queen Elizabeth Hall
29th September 2008 Hamburg, Germany: Fabrik
30th September 2008 Frankfurt, Germany: Mousonturm
1st October 2008 Munich, Germany: Ampere
2nd October 2008 Dresden, Germany: Lukaskirche
4th October 2008 Berlin, Germany: Passionskirche
5th October 2008 Cologne, Germany: Gloria

Details of additional dates in Australia, USA and Europe to follow.

ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

That should read glen on guitar, adele would be on bass
ciao bob

Stuart Anthony Fenech said...


You were standing in front of me at this in store.

You are a legend, Bob.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thats fantastic someone who was there too and reads my blog, its the real world colliding with the virtual.
It was a fantastic little gig,
you didn't do a better recording by chance
ciao bob

Stuart Anthony Fenech said...

Unfortunately not, mate... :)

I remember Robert Forster looking straight at you when he greeting the people on YouTube :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes I remember that, i like to see an artist who embraces the wild west of the internet
ciao bob

Roger said...

Hi Bob
Thanks for the post - times like this I envy you being on the scene. Brisbane's the place to be these days.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

And where are you Roger, it can't be all that bad
ciao bob