Friday, April 18, 2008

The Herd - An Elefant Never Forgets

I haven't posted a lot of, lets say recent music and I've
managed to miss an entire genre that I enjoy,
Aussie hip hop.
Ok I can imagen a whole lot of of you are tuning out
about now. If your like me in your early 40's you most
likely think hip hop is something kids listen to.
The Herd are the band that might just change your mind.
These guys are brilliant, one of the best and I must add
Aussie hip hop is entirely a different beast to the American
type. These guys are very political which always gets my
interest. Their song " 77%", is the kind of song that can get
you into an argument and nearly did for me once.

Watch as I tear the very skin from my face
So none'll see my race,
my deep disgrace

Your not even from here in the first place
And those that are you wanna further debase
Nup, no more, never again whether by fist or pen
I will defend,
cos I'm at a loose end

The shattered remnants of Aussie dignity

I'm a skip, whitey, round-eye surprise me
By using your shrivelled brain to please explain
How the clever country just went down the drain

We rode the sheep's back now the sheep ride you
If this is how its gonna be don't call me 'true blue'
I denounce my ancestors,
wounds still fester

If you say 'it aint so' I suggest ya' wake up

Written as a response to the Tampa crises, when
our last Prime Minster turned public opinion around
back to him, in the lead up to an election, by taking
a very hard line on refuges trying to get here on
boats, by stopping them with the navy.
I'll warn you these guys swear a bit too.
They expand the refuge thing into a anti-racism

That you're a stranger yourself
now thats the sting in the tail
Captain Cook was the very first queue jumper
It was immigrant labour that made Australia plumper
Enough is enough,
Whiteys go back and stuff
Don't wanna live in England?
That's ***king tough
I'm sick and tired of this redneck wonderland
Most've you stay silent and
I can't understand
I just can't understand

Theres some other great songs on here,
"Burn down the parliament", "The Pluderers",
the very funny "Hell".
Their not afraid to use the kind of instruments
not normally found in hip hop like accordion
(love me some accordion)
and they can whip up a mean groove.
So give it a try and let me know what you
think in the comments.

DownLoad Here

The Herd - Giving the Redgum Classic
"I was only 19"
the hip hop treatment


Anonymous said...

Thats excellent, found this whilst browsing Redgum stuff...their cover is a worthy example, and I love 77 % that I found on youtube...

dissapointed I couldn't download the album, as the link just didnt seem to work, but thanks for showing me something new...aussie hip hop :D

bob nebe said...

Hi Mikey thanks for the feedback and leting me know about the link I'll reup it.
ciao bob

Fox said...

Hi, I've resently discovered this band (the herd) but looks like they're not very known because I can't find theirs old cd's eny where.

Looks like I'm not the first to ask this, but could you reup this cd (an elefant never forgets) again?

Thank you very much.

If you got something else from the herd or TZU I'm also interested on it.

Fox. You got my email in my profile. Thanks.

bob nebe said...

I shall repost for you fox

bob nebe said...

back up

Fox said...

Thank you very much. Do anyone have anything else from the herd or any other australiand hip hop band?

I've got Summerland and The Sun never sets. I olso have Computer Love from TZU. (I'm offering)

Thank you again. Fox.

bob nebe said...

summerland sounds good thanks, the next couple of posts after this are brissy/gold coast hip hop.
The winnie coopers are fantastic and the butterbeats comp outstanding.
There was a blog that covered aussie hip hop it maybe still up