Friday, April 11, 2008

Dave Warner - This is My planet

Dave formed The Suburbs in January 1977. The group developed
a huge underground following, which led to Dave signing with
Australia’s Mushroom Records in 1978. His first album,
Mugs Game, went gold within a month of release.
Dave’s second album, Free Kicks, was released in 1979.
After the original Suburbs disbanded, Dave followed up
with Correct Weight (1979), This is My Planet
(1981 - reissued as This is Your Planet in 1996),
Meanwhile in the Suburbs (EP - 1989),
Dark Side of the Scrum (1989),
Suburban Sprawl (1990),
Surplus and Dearth (1995)
and Loose Men, Tight Shorts (1996).

After the release of This is My Planet,
Dave Warner retired from writing and performing
music full-time, turning instead to writing plays,
novels and screenplays.

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bazzil said...

Now this one I haven't heard for a long time.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

I knew you would appreciate this post bazzil
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

thanks so much bob

Anonymous said...

link dead... any chance of a repost... thanks :)