Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of Nowhere - The Arrangements

In 1981 after the original Apartments split Peter formed the fairly
short lived, but remarkable "Out of Nowhere"
A split cassette recording with Pink & Blue was released in 1981,
featuring one song, "The Arrangements" which was the basis of
'End Of Some Fear' a song which appeared on the 1994
Apartments album 'A Life Full Of Farewells'.
The single which I posted earlier on this blog was released after,
these are the only recordings of this band.
"Out of Nowhere" featured a unique clarinet and saxophone,
horn section and no bass player.
One of the band's line-ups featured
Peter Milton Walsh (vocals, guitar),
Graham Hutchinson (drums), Gary Warner (saxophone)
and Tony Forde (clarinet).
Other members included Cecily Childs (keyboards),
Tony Childs (bass), Jeffrey Wegener (drums)
and Joe Borkowski (bass).
This is a wonderful track, I so wish more of this band was recorded.
However there wasn't so this is a rare gem.

Download Here


Baskingshark said...

Hey Bob,

Thanks for posting this. I have a copy of the Out of Nowhere "Remember, Remember" single, but until now hadn't realised that they'd released anything else.

I look forward to listening to it.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I didn't know this existed.

Don't suppose you have the Sharks single. I see Tony and Cecily Childs mentioned.

Have you seen the 'Brisbane Bands' doco, I think from the mid eighties?


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No sharks I'm afraid, but if anyone reading has please let us know.
I did see the Rock Arena, Brisbane
bands doco when it was aired, when it first came out and recently it was reaired and the very nice bazzil from prehistoric sounds sent me a copy on dvd.
Its a brilliant dvd
ciao bob

bazzil said...

Hi Bob,
I do have a copy of the Sharks single from a friend of mine, I'll try and dig it up.


Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thats fantastic bazzil I can't wait
ciao bob

anna said...

i used to own that out of nowhere/pink+ blue tape,you know it'd be great if you could post the pink + blue side ?,tho' most people would hate it,i liked those goofy tracks & haven't heard them in such a long time

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry Anne I don't have the recording
I'll have a look around and if anyone else can help that would be great
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

hi bob,
thanks,any help would be appreciated.
i lost a lot of music i bought during the late 70's & 80's during an interstate move.it's difficult to track some of these things down.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

If your looking theres a post on pink + blue at the end of may
ciao bob

bikeboy said...

Hi Bob - keep finding great music on your site but still can't download anything (including this) that you have put on zShare. It just keeps looping around! Other people have told me they have the same problem. Any suggestions? Rapidshare & Megaupload files work fine.
Regards, Rob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi Rob, yes one weekend zshare loss all my links and I reup old posts on request, A lot have been but a lot haven't. If you find something not available I'll reup it when you ask.
Consider this wonderful gem reuped, you have exceptional taste
ciao bob

bikeboy said...

Hi Bob - thanks so much for the reup, a nice Xmas present! Will get in touch in the New Year for other requests. Thanks again, Rob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

No prob rob, and a man with such discerning musical taste may have some music that would fit the general theme of this blog, (rare, Australian, good), If so don't be shy people like you make this blog what it is, I only have so much music myself.
ciao bob

zidane said...


it's rather unusual for me to ask such things but.. I am deseperatly looking for a way to hear this song.. and obviuously it's quiet impossible to find it on the web.. except here..
Any chance/hop of a re-up?

Million thanks for your blog.
Greatly appreciate it.
Greetings from Marseille.

Bob said...

Hi Zidane, greetings from Brisbane, Ive reuped the files so you can download it now. Any chance you know Annie Viglielmo from Melting pod http://meltingpod.free.fr/ shes in Marseille too

zidane said...

Oh, merci beaucoup Bob!

(I must confess that I couldn't get the files yet using the sharebee link provided at the end of your post)

And..no.. I don't know Annie.. I've just discovered her blog thanks to yours.. but we may catch each other very soon cause we're going to the same places..
Thanks again for your kind effort and as soon as you can, send me the link I didn't found.

have a nice day!

Bob said...

Well do say hello to Annie from me! I for some unknown reason updated the link on the only other out of nowhere post here
and I have now fixed this one up too
They are both mirror creator links now

zidane said...

have a nice day!