Saturday, November 22, 2008

Right here - a go-betweens tribute - va

Another tribute album more in keeping with the theme around

01 - Pray TV - Bachelor Kisses
02 - Flat Stanley - Love Goes On
03 - Smudge - I Just Get Caught Out
04 - The Buzzards - Was There Anything I Could Do
05 - The Meanies - Lee Remick
06 - Sean Sennett and Friends - Dont Call Me Gone
07 - The Steinbecks - Draining The Pool For You
08 - The Earthmen - The House Jack Kerouac Built
09 - Tender Engines - This Girl Black Girl.
10 - Frente - Clouds
11 - Snout - Karen
12 - Go Between - Go-Betweens
13 - Headache - Core Of A Flame.
14 - Free Moving Curtis - Hammer The Hammer.
15 - Holocene - Spring Rain
16 - Killjoys - Devils Eye
17 - Lust In Space - Apology Accepted - Part Company
18 - Ashtray Boy - Right Here
19 - Sunglass - Bye Bye Pride
20 - The Blackeyed Susans - Dive For Your Memory.
21 - The Drunk The Monk and The Spunk - Rock n Roll Friend

Download Here


Bobby said...


I had a copy of this years ago (I think I was given this before I even owned a G-Betweens record, somehow) but it was pinched in a ramshackle post-break-up album-division ceremony.

Brilliant to hear it again.

I'm sure most people have seen this, but there's a wonderful documentary called Brisbane Bands (1988), covering Bris music from 1976-1988. Some wonderful interviews. Part one of 6 here ->

It's really interesting not least for the fact that it was made just before Brisbane V2.0 (3.0?) (post-Expo/Joh), so they have yet to fully come out into the light.

Not sure where I found this link (it may have even been in a comments page here, apologies if it's old news).

Thanks as always for the cracking posts.

Anonymous said...


Not sure if it's just a problem with my download, but there seems to be some corruption around the Frente/Snout part of the record?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yep I dont actually own this i downloaded and didnt pick up on that when I listened to it, sorry
ciao bob

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Thanks for the link bobby, its a fantastic doco.I saw it again recently when a wonderful reader contributor sent me a dvd copy in the mail. We were both at the go-betweens concert that features toward the end of the doco, it was at easts leagues club.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

I think I've the same download, from the Antipodean Underground site. It's a great record but the dropouts are a bit annoying.

Smudge used to play I Just Get Caught Out in their gigs a lot at the time. And I'm sure I saw Snout playing Karen.

Andrew, Dublin

yob_tva said...

well bob,

are you going to post the dvd or not?

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

yob_tva dvds are a whole lot of trouble, maybe when I have some holiday time.You got to rip, convert to avi, split the file into smaller parts, then upload maybe 4 200mb files. Do anyone have an easyer way?
However I do have a 9 part radio broadcast from 4zzz called Eternaly ours, is the history of Brissy bands from 74 to 92 i think and each part
is 1 hour. Im thinking bout uploading that
ciao bob

hookfinger said...

This looks interesting but it appears to have reached it's limit on downloads. Oh well. Thanks for the great stuff as always.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hookfinger, its just the RapidShare link that has reached its limit, all the others are fine, RS only gives you 10 downloads these days.
ciao bob

Cousin Creep said...

Thanks for posting this item.. nice to see people still remember it

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

thats all us old folk do, remember the past, just kidding
ciao bob

Matthias said...

This, the first go-betweens tribute album, is a great gem. I got it years ago and still play it along with the originals. I love the Meanies version of Lee Remick.

I believe there are two new tribute albums out there now. One is called Write Your Own Adventures. It's great to here interpretations by other artists and it reinforces the belief of the greatness of the songwriting.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes I love a good tribute album,
as long as its a good band being tributed. Even an album like the "Im not there" soundtrack which isnt a tribute album by definition, is a brilliant collection of interpretations of brilliants songs.
Sometimes i like these covers better than the originals.
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! But there does seem to be a problem with some of these tracks.
Latest iTunes on Mac gives a sort of staccato playback on some tracks.

Anonymous said...

Help! A number of tracks skip, especially the later ones. Any possibility of a re-up? Thanks!

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Sorry the corruption is in the original files, this copy is the only one I have, so reupping will make no difference