Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Riptides - Wave Rock

A request from Bobby.

Watching The Riptides’ singer and only original member
Mark Callaghan run, high-kick and grin around the stage is a
bit like watching an over-enthusiastic Dad meeting your pals
at a 21st – embarrassingly uncool, but completely endearing.
Thankfully, the dancing and clapping crowd adore the
five-piece’s surf-rock, especially the instrumental Shake It,
and closer Sunset Strip.

Rave Magazine review of the Riptides at the Pig City Gig
17 July 2007

Callaghan and Hiron revived The Riptides again for successful
summer tours during 1989 and 1990. In early 1991, the pair
entered the studio with new guitarist Tony Adams, session
drummer John James (J.J.) Hackett (ex-Mondo Rock) and
South-African-born producer/ drummer
Ricky Fataar (ex-Beach Boys) to record the first full-length
Riptides studio album. Wave Rock appeared in August 1991
and produced the singles "Stop (Don't Start)" in May 1991
and "Here Comes the Sun" in August 1991.
I believe they toured after for a bit and called it a day,
until the fantastic performance at the Pig City Festival
last year. The idea of Cal being an over-enthusiastic Dad is
quite funny considering he was joined on stage by his son for
the performance. Sorry I have no artwork for this CD and
if you have please sent me a link.

Track list
01 - here comes the sun
02 - stop (don't stop)
03 - she will return
04 - live
05 - heroes and villains
06 - not for love
07 - radio humanity
08 - infamy
09 - all that falls
10 - all guns blazing
11 - hideous

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Bobby said...


Thanks so much for the upload. Great stuff. I have so much to learn :)

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Make sure you get all the riptides stuff here and I have a rare live cd to post too. ciao bob

POPPHIL said...

I love that Aussie sound though this record has little in common with the first Riptides output.
It is really great, though. I could not thank you enough for allowing me to discover this record.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Yes philppe, buts there's many years between the 2 records.
I think Ill have to post Cals solo record its very different again
ciao bob


hey!! thanx for the upload!!
i´m looking for the riptides song "Only time". I only can find it in a live double album, where can i find that song??

geololo said...

Hello Bob, I'a afraid I have to ask you again a repost for this Riptides release. Too much great stuff in your blog, but a a time I didn't know it yet. Any chance for a repost? Thank you very much

Bob said...

Ill have to find it on a hard drive my friend, I shall hopefully get on to that this weekend

Bob said...

Back up!!

Raga said...

I'd love to hear a copy of this Bob. It'd be interesting to hear how different and how well these recordings hold up to the Tombs of Gold release. Cheers!

Bob Nebe said...

back up