Friday, November 14, 2008

Boys Next Door - Door, Door

Released in 1979 this record had an incredible impact, not
only on me, but many people who had followed punk into
its metamorphism into post punk. On their next record
these guys changed their name to the Birthday Party
and the beginnings of what is to come. It was the
Birthday Party who changed music, at least round
here, anyone who was into such music was never the
same after that. Heaps of bands that I knew of followed
in their footsteps.

This album is very much a transitional album, which the
band dismissed as sounding too poppy, and the band
around this time was moving the more abrasive sounds of
contemporary post-punk. The album's final song and single,
"Shivers", was refused air play for its mention of suicide in
the first line and served as an indication of the more sinister,
dark direction the band was headed.
missing link records

At the time of its release Australian bands like the Angels
ruled the airwaves, I remember playing this round the
time of the end of Grade 12 and Classmates who hadn't
been exposed to anything heavier than ACDC or The Angels
just couldn't get their head around it.
If your a Nick cave fan and somehow missed the
Beginning of his career, you have to listen to this.

Track List
01-The Nightwatchman
02-Brave Exhibitions
03-Friends Of My World
04-The Voice
05-Roman Roman
06-Somebody's Watching
07-After A Fashion
08-Dive Position
09-I Mistake Myself

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Boys Next Door - Shivers


vikvoodoo said...

Cool site and thanks for a lot of the stuff here. I have quite a lot of it on vinyl.
I have to tell my Birthday Party/Nick Cave story. I saw The Boys Next Door when they came up to Sydney at the old Civic Hotel. I thought they were a bunch of posers and I remember being annoyed that I Wanna Be Your Baby was a rip off of a Vibrators song. Never got into Birthday Party or Nick Cave and have loathed them with a passion since.
My epiphany was seeing Radio Birdman live at Balmain Town Hall in 1976. I've been playing in bands ever since.
Happy motoring.

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

You got me , Im just a bit young for seeing bands then, must of been in grade 7. I did see the Gobetweens as a 3 piece just as they released Before Hollywood, thats the best i can come up with.
ciao bob