Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Behind the Banana Curtain - Various Artists CD2

Well continuing on the roller coaster that is Behind the Banana
Curtain, we travel forward in time from 1988 to 2000.
Starting with a song from a rare all girl band Batswing Saloon
we have a song inspired by my Favorite movie Harold and Maude.
There's Blowhard who are a musical institution in Brisbane
and who's frontman Rollo puts on one of the best shows
on 4ZZZ as an announcer.
Custard another Brisbane band that made it big and one
of our best. Dave McCormack the frontman,put on a stella
performance with a band for the pig city gig.
The Toothfaeries who would be the band Ive seen more
New Years eves in, than any other, Woodford favorites.
Screamfeeder who also out on a wild show at pig city,
Escape From Toytown fantastic song Fish and Chip Bitch
From Ipswich about Pauline Hanson a one time Liberal
candidate who was propelled into national political stardom
after making some very stupid and racist comments
to the media, disendorsed by her party she started
her own fascist party which had a serious impact on
the national political landscape before burning up.
Powerfinger who who have become Brisbane's best
known commercial export and last but nowhere
near least Regurgitator, who played pig city
2nd last(if you don't count the odd Gobs tribute)
and put on an amazing show.
Perhaps the best band to come out of Brissy in
the 90's certainly my pick.

Track List
01 - Harold and Maude - Batswing Saloon
02 - Another World - Purple Avengers
03 - Chill Out America - Chopper Division
04 - Girly - Creatures Downstairs
05 - Dreamkillers - Dreamkillers
06 - Boys Germs - Gravelrash
07 - V8 Rock 'n' Roll - Blowhard
08 - Children - Acid World
09 - Treat Yourself Gently - Isis
10 - Fantastic Plastic - Custard
11 - Dreaming - Wishing Chair
12 - I Believe - Toothfaeries
13 - Mudpool Goddess - Blood Party
14 - Drew Romance - The Melniks
15 - Dart - Screamfeeder
16 - Fish and Chip Bitch From Ipswich
- Escape From Toytown
17 - Day You Come - Powderfinger
18 - Sich Offnen - Not From There
19 - I Wanna Be a Nudist - Regurgitator

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spavid said...

Is there any way you can fix the link to any of the four hosting sites directed from Sharebee (all of them are reporting that the files have been removed for both parts of CD 2). A direct link to Rapidshare would be excellent. Thanks

Bob, Brisbane, Australia said...

Hi spavid I just checked and the zshare link still works, I dont have a paid rapidshare account and the free one only gives you 10 downloads so rapidshare isnt much good to me anymore
I'll fix it when zshare goes
ciao bob

Joyful said...

WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH! I was looking for the Escape From Toytown "Fish and Chip Bitch From Ipswich" song today after Pauline Hanson's announcement she will run in the Queensland State Election. I am amazed at some of the other songs you have here, I'm getting flash backs to my youth in the Brissie punk scene! You rock!

geololo said...

Hello Bob, zhare link is gone. Could you please repost the CD2 from this fantastic compilation ?
Thank you very much.

Bob said...

Back Up Geololo

geololo said...

Thank you so much, Bob. I am french and passionated by Australian (proto-) punk, garage and power pop bands from the 70s-80s. So this blog is a gold mine for me. Please keep on with the hard work.

Bob said...

My pleasure Geololo, I'm happy to have more French music fans with such very good taste abroad!

Anthony in Germany said...

Pity, the Links don't work.

Any chance of getting a download possibility?


Bob said...

back up