Thursday, November 6, 2008

Far Out Corporation - Far Out Corporation

A request from Matt.

Far Out Corporation was a band led by late singer-guitarist
Grant McLennan, mostly known as a singer, songwriter
and guitarist for the Go-Betweens. McLennan started the
group with Ross McLennan on drums, Dave Graney's bass player
Adele Pickvance and Powderfinger's guitarist Ian Haug.
The band was formed as a side project for all its members
other than Ross McLennan, as they all were members of
larger rock bands than Far Out Corporation.
The group's name is a reference to the rock supergroup
Far Corporation, which was also comprised of various
musicians. In 1998, the group recorded their first and
only album, which was named FOC after the initials of
the band's name.In late 1999, McLennan's old band
The Go-Betweens unexpectedly reformed.

Track List
01 Don't Blame The Beam
02 Hold
03 Sick Bed
04 Montreal
05 Shadow Overload
06 If You Want Release
07 Sketch
08 The Shower Song
09 Suicide At Home
10 Parachute
11 Still Burn Down

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Anonymous said...

Another great record with connections to GB. Thanks /M

YankeeBoy said...

I just discovered your fantastic blog thanks to the links on Twilight Zone. I'm in the process of retrieving a few things that I am really looking forward to hearing.

I do have one request, if it is at all possible. I have never seen anything by Voodoo Lust posted anywhere and I've totally loved anything I've ever heard by them, especially their fabulous single "Shake Shake Yeah Yeah". If you have it and can put it up I'd be grateful.

You and your visitors might also like my blog Time on My Hands. I take a slightly different approach than you do but I think you'll find that there is some overlap of musical tastes.

bob nebe said...

Hi yankee boy, thanks for your fantastic assessment of my blog, yours is really good I'm gonna link to you. On a less happy note sorry I don't have any Voodoo Lust, but I will keep a look out.
ciao bob

Andrew McMillen said...

Thanks for this recording Bob!

bob nebe said...

No prob Andrew
ciao bob

Anonymous said...

Ross McLennan is not related to Grant McLennan. You should correct this error.

bob nebe said...

copied that from another obviously
unreliable source. Thanks corrected.
ciao bob

Matt T said...

Thanks Bob. I hope to listen to this tonight...

You're a gem.


Cezar said...

Brilliant, I loved the lead single and look forward to hearing the rest of the album.

pavlol said...