Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ups & Downs - Rash

The 3rd and final recording from Ups and Downs was their 1990
Ep Rash. A return to the guitar based sound after the less guitar
based sound of the last album. A solid record just too short.
The band broke up not long after and Greg and Darren Atkinson
went on to form Big Heavy Stuff.

Track list
01 - Awesome
02 - Jack (What The Hell Does That Mean)
03 - Safer (Remix)
04 - Karma
05 - Untie Ian

Download Here


matthew said...

any chance of a re-upload of the "Rash" ep? All the links have been deleted due to inactivity. Thanks for the awesome blog anyway.



Jeff said...

Wow, takes me straight back to the late 80's!

Love these guys and Sleepless album has been on high rotation ever since.

Would love a re-up if possible, Cheers in advance...


clucas said...

I'd second that motion for a re-up. gnarly stuff!