Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the quiet folk of northcote - VA

Pilgrim Jake from Melbourne shares with us a wonderful
compilation of folk artists from his home town, thanks
Jake. Here's what its all about.

Here is a broad sample of folk/ chamber music from Melbourne
Theres a vibrant musical scene with a strong folk
The gentler sounds of Melbourne town come from
the rattle of its trams
and the rustle of coats upon bluestone.
These have infused with musicians
who have in turn been nurtured by plentiful venues,

strong independent radio and an appreciative audience.
'Under the hill' presents artists that are a part of Melbourne's
contemporary quiet scene.The sounds might be characterized
as slow
strings and a hint of warm brass set to song.
If parts of the folk movement
of England in the 70's was
distinctly Folk-Rock electric,
then this could be a burgeoning
folk - chamber pop,
with a touch of ethereal acid folk revival.

Many of these bands are also a part of a musical family,
supporting and interweaving members amongst one another.
It makes for delightful gigs, steeped as they are in such
and warm melancholia. Ruckers hill in
Northcote overlooks the city.

It is atop this hill where many such congregations occur,
and is home to Melbourne's domestic bohemia.
Thus the compilations name and where you should look if you
visit. A few tracks are Australian antecedents in the same
vein and
one is not a Melbournian, she just sounds like she
but all the rest are local.
This is a sample of what can be found.

Download Here